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Emperor Penguins Peng-yi and Som-yi (All)

Documentary / 79 / Korean

This documentary centers on the lives of two emperor penguin friends, Peng-yi and Som-yi, that are inhabiting the frozen land of Antarctica. Peng-yi is the piggy of his family, putting anything that is moving into his mouth, and Som-yi is the daddy’s girl of her side of the family. One day, Som-yi’s mother does not return home from her food hunt, and Som-yi’s dad leaves home to search for his wife. As the winter approaches and the temperature drops to its lowest point, Som-yi is left alone, but thankfully, her good friend Peng-yi is there for her. The movie is narrated by Song Joong-ki, who is currently one of the top actors in Korea.

One of the directors for this film is Kim Jin-man, who also directed the critically acclaimed documentary “Tears of the Amazon” (2010). “Tears of the Amazon”, based on the MBC documentary, tells the story of natives of the Amazon and how the destruction of the natural environment changed their lives. With its unique plot and a method of presenting the Amazonian people in the most sincere way possible, Kim’s movie turned out to be the highest-rated documentary ever in Korea. With Kim’s name on this movie’s director list, many are curious to see whether he will once again be able to move the audience with a touching story.


Project Nim (12)

Documentary / 98 / English

“Project Nim” is a British documentary that follows a research project conducted during the 1970s which aimed to teach chimpanzees how to communicate in American sign language.

The project itself surrounded a chimp named Nim Chimsky, which researchers attempted to raise like a human child in a brownstone in the Upper West Side of New York City. The film shows the effect this had on the chimp and the emotional experiences of the trainers he was passed between as he grew older. It also explores the informal way in which the Nim research was carried out and raises ethical issues brought up by critics of the study.

As viewers of the film, we are asked what it means to be human, and where to draw the line between a person and an animal in the eyes of people who were raised alongside one.

The film comes from the same team that produced the award-winning “Man on Wire,” and has been generally well received since its debut at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Rock of Ages (15)

Comedy, Drama / 123 / English

A former dancer and physical comedy choreographer, Adam Shakman, has adopted the rock jukebox Broadway musical “Rock of Ages” into a big-screen feature.

Set in the 1980s of skin-hugging leather, acid-washed denim and puffed hair, the plot centers on the romance between a small-town girl Sherrie (Julianne Hough) and city boy Drew (Diego Boneta), who dream of making it big in Hollywood. Their love, however, faces challenges as Sherrie struggles to stay sensible in the excessive rock ’n’ roll scene and finds herself attracted instead to rock star Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise).

The reception from viewers has been mixed, but the performance of Cruise as a wacky rock star is sure to entertain.


American Reunion (18)

Comedy / 113 / English

Jim, Michelle, Stifler and their buds are back for the latest in the “American Pie” series. One might think that with the added years the infamously immature bunch would have moved on from their high school days. But the masturbation-filled opening scene complete with Jim’s lubed sock assures us though that our now mythical band camp nerds are as sex-crazed and emotionally unstable as ever. And really, how could they not be? Without Stifler’s sexist jabs and Finch’s darling awkwardness, “American Reunion” wouldn’t be true to its pedigree.

The shenanigans, booze and sex will be quite familiar to fans of the previous films, though additions like children and professional careers throw a few wrenches into the mix. While in high school, the “American Pie” guys’ innocence made for the film series’ signature awkwardness as they explored their adult urges for the first time. But now, it’s exactly the opposite. Though much older, the characters still don’t seem to have mastered the art of love, even as they have most certainly passed the maximum age at which their mistakes are excusable. Judging by this installment’s success at the box office, “American Pie” will be around for years to come. Just be sure your kids are older than you were when you caught a glimpse of band camp for the first time.

We Need to Talk About Kevin (19)

Drama, Thriller / 112 / English

A suspenseful psychological thriller adapted from Lionel Shriver’s novel of the same name, “We Need to Talk About Kevin” is about a mother’s struggle to love her disturbed and increasingly violent son.

After a certain “incident” involving her son Kevin, Eva retreats into a solitary life, away from hostile neighbors, and looks back at her memories and struggles as the mother of an increasingly violent and psychopathic son. The film follows Eva’s flashbacks into Kevin’s disturbing early childhood behavior that progresses into a violent adolescence and her internal conflicts about her culpability as a mother. The film not only explores the mother-son relationship, but delves into nature versus nurture.


Magic Mike (19)

Comedy, Drama / 110 / English

Starring heartthrobs with chiseled abs - Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer and Manganiello - “Magic Mike” is sure to attract a slew of female viewers for no other reason than the cast itself.

Inspired by Tatum’s own real-life experiences prior to his acting debut, the story follows “Magic Mike” (Tatum), an experienced stripper who takes an inexperienced dancer, “The Kid” (Pettyfer), under his wing. Mike teaches his new prodigy the art of stripping while also teaching him how to party, make a quick buck and pick up women.

The movie delves into the world of male stripping and sheds light on some surprising aspects about the nightclub scene. The reviews and reception of the film have been mixed, mostly due to the nature of its subject matter. Though the plot is about male erotic dancers, this film is much more - it is a story about ambition, friendship, loyalty and love. Clearly a “guilty pleasure” film, it is energetic, emotional, humorous and fulfills its promise to titillate.

The athletic dance numbers, inventive choreography and superb acting have been critically acclaimed (and howled at by giddy audiences).

While some appreciate the raunchy, exotic moves, others will be disappointed by the movie’s in-your-face indecency.

However, the film does not pretend to be something that it’s not, and if you are in the mood for an entertaining chick flick, you certainly will not be disappointed.

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