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Too Old Hip-Hop Kid (12)

Documentary / 97 / Korean

Inspired by his own dream of becoming a rapper when he was a child, director Jung Dae-gun directed and starred in “Too Old Hip-Hop Kid” based not only on performances, but on what the true definition of hip-hop refers to as well. The film depicts the past ups and downs of a group of friends who aspires to be a rapper. They are later involved in diverse conflicts as to whether they are able to make a living by working as a rap artist, rather than dabbling in the hip-hop arena. “Too Old Hip-Hop Kid” is centered around the director Jung himself, rappers Together Brothers, Huckleberry, and JJK. Together Brothers is a group of underground rappers who, despite having released numerous hit songs in collaboration with other singers, mostly perform in small studios. Huckleberry, also known as Huckleberry P., is both a rapper and widely known host for various hip-hop shows. As for JJK, or Double J K, has two professions: a rapper and a beatboxer. Director Jung won the Excellence Prize and the Audience Award at the 2011 Seoul Independent Film Festival, and at the Seoul Independent Documentary Film Festival, respectively.


Tad: The Lost Explorer (All)

Animation / 91 / Korean dubbed

Indiana Jones meets Pixar in the Spanish animation released by Warner Brothers, “Tad: The Lost Explorer.” Since its release on Aug. 31 in its native country of Spain, the movie was greeted with positive reception, ruling the box office for the last three weekends. Tadeo Jones is stuck in his normal boring life in Chicago as a construction worker. He is determined to fulfill his dreams of becoming a great archaeologist, and the opportunity lands when he accidentally receives half of a tablet that may open the doors to Paititi, the legendary underground city of gold. He quickly seizes the opportunity by boarding on a plane to Peru. In Peru, Tad is greeted by Teddy, a good-hearted street salesman and beautiful Sara who he falls for instantly. The trio first sets off in search of Sara’s father, Professor Lavrov only to find that he is kidnapped by pirates. Can Tad and his crew fight against Kopponen, the leader of the pirates, to uncover the hidden treasures of lost Paititi? The movie has features that will tickle young viewers with plenty of action and humor.

Korean version of the film has been dubbed by the famous comedian Ha ha (Tadeo) and K-pop star Yoon Bo-ra (Sara) of Sistar.

It looks like the movie may become Spain’s biggest box office hit with its international sales looking healthy.

Basilicata Coast to Coast (15)

Comedy, Musical / 106 / Italian

Benvenuti to the journey of aspiring musicians as they cross the stunning landscape of Basilicata to partake in a music festival. One summer day, after 10 years of separation, formerly famous hometown band members reunite for the love of music and to attend a music festival. They decide to “go the distance” to reach their destination by foot for 10 days rather than by car which will take two hours.

Their walking journey through the whole Basilicata from the Tyrrenian coast to the Ionian coast is joined by a young journalist, Tropea (Giovanna Mezzogioro) who is interested in documenting the trip. Along the way, they follow alternative routes and perform small gigs in villages.

Throughout the trip, each member reflects, learns, develops and begins to find his or her own meaning in life. The plot may be heartfelt as friendship is strengthened through shared time.

More important than the plot, however, is the main star of the film, Basilicata located in Italy’s southern region.

Director Rocco Papaleo captures the beauty of the region which is in danger of being forgotten.

He said, “My Basilicata is very Beat generation, the ’70s, Easy Rider; it’s coast to coast.” With that, Papaleo also pays homage to several others including Basilicata writer Carol Levi.


London Boulevard (15)

Crime, Drama / 103 / English

Famous actor Colin Farrell and actress Keira Knightley unite as lovers to create this sexy, stylish gagster thriller, “London Boulevard.”

Just released from prison, ex-convict Mitchel (Colin Farrell) attempts to start a fresh new life. He is willing to do whatever it takes not to return to his past life of crime.

He finds a new job as a bodyguard for a reclusive actress Charlotte (Keira Knightley) who is still in hot demand by the paparazzi. While working close together, the two fall in love.

Meanwhile, one of London’s most vicious gangster bosses, Gant (Ray Winston) is out for Mitchel. Gant pressures him to join the gang by luring him to a scene of a crime.

Having committed a murder before Mitchel’s eyes, Gant lets Mitchel know that he must now work for him, but Mitchel refuses leading Gant to continue forcing Mitchel to his side, promising good ranks. “London Boulevard” is a British film noir based on Ken Buen’s 2011 novel of the same name. This movie will be William Monahan’s, screenwriter for “The Departed,” first directorial debut.


The Tree (12)

Drama, Romance / 100 / English

Based on the novel “Our Father Who Art in the Tree” written by a renowned Australian author Judy Pacoe, “The Tree,” or “L’Arbre,” is a joint French and Australian production. Trying to cope with the sudden death of her husband, Dawn (Charlotte Gainsbourg) is burdened with raising four children alone. Eight-year-old Simone (Morgana Davies), who believes she was her father’s favorite, is convinced that she hears her father whispering through the massive tree next to the house. Dawn, aware of Simone’s belief, finds solace in her imagination and starts to believe in it herself. The tree strengthens the two, but is soon threatened by Dawn’s growing relationship with the local plumber, George (Marton Csokas).

At the same time, the tree’s enormous roots slowly begin to encroach on the house’s foundation and plumbing even onto a neighbor’s property, who demand the tree be chopped down.

Is the tree spirit therapeutic that will help the family move on or is it a an obsession that can harm the family?

“The Tree” is a mellow story of a family coming to terms with the loss and moving on but by no means without light moments. You can look forward to unforgettable acting by Morgana Davies, an award winner for outstanding performance by the Film Critics Circle of Australia for her role as Simone.

El Bulli (15)

Documentary / 108 / Spanish

Spanish chef Ferran Adria is known as the best, most innovative and craziest cook in the world. He closes his three Michelin star restaurant, El Bulli, for six months every year to prepare the menu for the next season with his culinary team.

German director Gereon Wetzel goes behind the scenes to explore the process of creating the culinary art, the strenuous effort that is put forth and approaches to perfecting a cuisine that merges with conceptual art that makes El Bulli’s food good for the eyes and mouth.
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