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The Democratic Youthful Faces Party


I am seriously considering joining a political party. The Democratic Youthful Faces Party is one solely based on social networking services. But the party based on Facebook and Twitter is controversial as it is an unauthorized political organization that is not registered with the National Election Commission.

The party’s secretary general, Lim Chae-woong, a 48-year-old lawyer, founded the Democratic Youthful Faces Party in May 2011. The mission of the party is to struggle in democratic ways to attain a free and just world ruled by young faces. You must meet two requirements to join the party: First, you should know the party leader, either offline or online. Second, you should think you look younger than your actual age. The party conditionally accepts associate members who pledge to get three shots of Botox or more than one type of plastic surgery within three years of joining the party.

Lim writes about the party platform on Facebook. He wants to expand the middle class. When the median income is 100 percent, the middle class earns 50 to 150 percent of the median income. But he wants to expand the range to 20 to 200 percent. Also, the party proposes groundbreaking policies such as making Wednesday an official day off, holding biennial Olympics and World Cups, taking points off from the College Scholastic Ability Test for students who take classes at private institutions, imposing a uniform hiring standard based on Test of English for International Communication scores, and subsidizing air-conditioning costs for the overweight. After writing a post titled “Is the Rubicon Approaching,” Lim pronounced to expand target supporters. He wants to attract those who work on Sundays as well as the overweight and the youthful-looking. Why do I like this party? At least I feel this party is real. For your information, I have never met Lim in person but we are friends on Facebook. The presidential candidates all emphasize sincerity, truthfulness, responsibility and goodwill. They seem to be competing to prove that they have read the textbook “Introduction to Political Science.”

Ironically, the profession of political commentator has never been more celebrated than during presidential elections. When you turn on the television, you hear all kinds of complicated analyses and theories. In fact, it is hard to predict whether the candidates would agree on a single candidate, how each candidate would respond and what the outcome may be. I feel dizzy watching the serious faces of the candidates and the constantly changing political engineering. At least the Democratic Youthful Faces Party has a clear and specific vision.

So I checked my face in the mirror and I asked myself if I look younger than my age. Just as I got discouraged, I remembered - Botox!

* The author is an editorial writer of the JoongAng Ilbo.

by Kwon Suk-chun

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