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Almost Che (15)

Comedy / 113 / Korean

Chinese food deliveryman Kang Dae-oh (Kim In-kwon) is repulsed by the world that allows only handsome guys to date girls. When judged by his looks, Kang is a “below-average” guy who has been single all his life. One day, while delivering food to a women’s dormitory at a nearby university, Kang falls in love at first sight with a student activist named Seo Ye-rin (Yoo Da-in). To impress Seo, Kang pretends to be enrolled in the university and part of the political movement. This gets Kang involved in all sorts of comical and bizarre situations, especially in the takeover of the U.S. Cultural Center in Seoul. The story is set in the 1980s and is based on a sit-in by university activists at the cultural center in 1985. The director, Yook Sang-hyo, had previously worked with actor Kim In-kwon where Kim played his first leading role. With the movie, Yook won two Best Screenplay titles at the 2011 Buil Film Awards and the 2011 Baeksang Arts Awards.


Juvenile Offnder (15)

Drama / 107 / Korean

Ji-gu (Seo Young-joo) lives with his grandfather, who spends most of his time in bed due to illness. Ji-gu feels adrift at home and school is the only place to hang out. The only thing that matters to him is his new girlfriend Sae-rom. While leading an otherwise mundane life, he gets involved in burglary with gangsters in the neighborhood. He receives a heavier sentence than the others because he doesn’t have a parent to plead for him. The judge sentences Ji-gu to a juvenile correction facility.

After a while, he is informed that his grandfather has passed away, which prompted his teacher to track down Ji-gu’s mother (Lee Jung-hyun), who Ji-gu thought was dead. Ji-gu’s mother finally appears to speak on his behalf, but to no avail.


Code Name: Jackal (15)

Comedy / 107 / Korean

A beautiful female assassin (Song Ji-hyo) is ordered by a customer to murder a top idol star (Kim Jae-joong). Known for her skills in kidnapping and killing, she draws up a plan to capture her target. She later becomes later attracted to the celebrity and finds it hard to complete her mission. Hilarious episodes ensue as the would-be killer makes a clumsy mistake and tries to seduce him.

Previously, director Bae Hyung-joon received recognition for illustrating the essence of romantic comedy in the movie “Don’t Trust Her,” in which Kang Dong-won and Kim Ha-neul starred. Due partly to the popularity of the two lead, the film has been bought by six overseas film distributors even before its release.

Now is Good (12)

Drama, Romance / 103 / English

Be prepared to be caught in the moment as you let this romantic and stirring film take you on the life journey of Tessa, a 17-year-old leukemia patient. Played by American actress Dakota Fanning, Tessa is young, brave and passionate about her short but exhilarating life. When Tessa decides to terminate her cancer treatment, she also makes the decision to live every moment to the fullest. With the help of her best friend, Zoey, she compiles a bucket list typical of a teenager. She takes drugs, rebels from her parents and loses her virginity.

An unexpected romance blossoms between Tessa and her neighbor Adam, who stands by her until the very end. While her family deals with fear of losing and grief, Tessa continues to fulfill her life. “Now is Good” received mixed reviews when it was released in Britain.

Empire Magazine awarded the film three out of five stars and the Birmingham Mail said it was a great film for a good old weep. Based on the book “Before I Die” by Jenny Downham, this movie is one for the family or younger couples on a rainy afternoon.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two (12)

Drama, fantasy / 119 / English

The time has finally arrived for the millions of “Twilight” fans worldwide to view the final chapter of their beloved vampire phenomenon. Also known as “Twi-hards,” the fans will catch one last glimpse of their super-powered vampires and werewolves in full action. For many, there will be mournful tears that the series has come to an end, and for others who dislike the Twilight saga, there will be tears of joy. Regardless, the Cullens, looking as beautiful as ever, are waiting in “Breaking Dawn Part Two” to take you on an action-packed ride to protect Bella’s newly born daughter, Renesmee.

Team Edward or Team Jacob, both monsters are looking their finest as they band together one last time to protect Bella’s legacy. Yet, this time there is one major difference. Bella is a newborn vampire and she is as feisty and powerful as ever. With her newly found powers of extraordinary strength and speed, Bella finds out that she was born to be a vampire. But Bella’s new powers coincide with her newfound duty of motherhood. Renesmee was born at the end of Breaking Dawn Part One, nearly killing Bella while giving birth. However, both came out alive and they soon learn that Renesmee is no ordinary baby. She is half human, half vampire and ages unlike her vampire parents. In her honor, Jacob imprinted on her a binding contract to always love and protect her from harm. Just as everything seems to be going to plan and the Cullens enjoy their happy family life, danger creeps around the corner. It is only a matter of time until their peace was interrupted. The Volturi, the most powerful and ancient vampire family, catch wind of Bella and Edward’s daughter. They declare war on the Cullens and gather forces for an almighty fight.

But in true Cullen nature, they too gather their powerful forces to prepare for the battle of a century. Also joining in is Jacob and his mighty werewolf pack. But will they be strong enough to beat the Volturi? Will Renesmee be safe from harm? Breaking Dawn Part Two was met with mixed reviews from critics. Fans will love it while others will hate it. But overall, this film is an exciting end to the “Twilight” vampire saga that swept the entire world off its feet.


Sinister (19)

Horror / 109 / English

From the makers of “Paranormal Activity,” this equally frightening film will give many viewers nightmares.

“Sinister” is a horror film with an intriguing plot, designed to shock you and make you jump in your seat. At times the film is predictable, with scenes that resemble those of Japanese film “The Ring.” But for a typical horror film, it meets all of the criteria.

The protagonist, Ellison Oswalt, played by Ethan Hawke, is a true-crime novelist who moves his family to a country home to write his upcoming novel.

Little did he know that the house contains many secrets that in due course come to haunt him and his family. Ethan’s wife, played by Juliet Rylance, immediately feels unsettled in her new home and picks up bad vibes from her neighbors. It turns out that their new home has a long and nasty history that involves the murder of a young family, not dissimilar to the Oswalts. When Ellison Oswalt digs around in the attic of his new home, he discovers a mysterious box containing old films.

To his horror, the films show a series of explicit crimes, which he attempts to solve. Yet, in the process he is swept into an uncontrollable burst of supernatural activity. As much as he tries to escape, the demons follow him and his family in a haunting chase that inevitably ends in despair. Unfortunately, the plot verges on horror cliche, which is a disappointing element. Hawke is a convincing character, but it is lost in the unoriginal story.

Yet, Sinister still passes as a creepy film which will entertain and at times make you feel uneasy. Overall, it has some good qualities and is above most run-of-the-mill horror flicks. Warning: This film contains images of graphic violence.
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