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26 Years (15)

Action, Political Drama / 135 / Korean

“26 years” by Cho Keun-hyun centers on five ordinary people who become involved in an attempt to assassinate former president Chun Doo Hwan after their loved ones were killed in the Gwangju Democratization Movement.

While the five main characters are fictional, it is widely known that the ex-president is believed to have directed the killing of those who participated in the movement.

The occupation of five avengers varies from shooting athlete, gangster and policeman to the head of a private security firm but they share a common goal of bringing justice to the one responsible for the death of their loved ones during the democratization movements.

As an adaptation of a popular Web toon by Kang Full of the same name, the action thriller drew a crowd of 113,923, placing the film at the top of the box office for last Thursday. “26 years” gets off to a promising start but the process of movie-making was far from encouraging. The film saw investment stall right before the first shooting. While there has been no official statement by the investment companies, a representative of the movie’s production company attributes the withdrawal to the film’s sensitive content. Chungeoram, the production company, financed the movie with the help of voluntary investors, securing more than 400 million won ($352,700).


The Words (15)

Drama, Romance / 102 / English

Three stories are intertwined to complete “The Words,” starring famous actors like Dennis Quaid, Olivia Wilde, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana.

Successful novelist, Clay Hammond (Dennis Quaid) publicly reads from his latest book, “The Words.”

The book unravels a story of a struggling writer Rory Jansen (Badley Cooper) who accidentally discovers a remarkable manuscript in a worn leather satchel his wife Dora (Zoe Saldana) bought for him in Paris. Floored by the work with no clue to whom the work belongs, Rory is put to the moral test. He decides to type up the piece - about a World War II love affair of a girl and a soldier - as his own. Soon, the work is turned into a publishing phenomenon, with Rory thrust into the public spotlight. Rory relishes the adulation but becomes insecure he will never be as talented as the writer he plagiarized. The anxiety mounts when he is one day confronted by an elderly man (Jeremy Irons) who speaks of Rory’s work and recounts the passionate World War II romance that inspired his creation, revealing himself as the unsung author of the secret manuscript.

Rory is brought to question his decision to steal and what it means to be a “true teller.”


House at the End of the Street (15)


Horror, Thriller / 101 / English

It is your typical horror story of a new family moving into a nice neighborhood, only to find out a gloomy past that overshadows the town.

Newly divorced Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) and her daughter Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) move to a small upscale community. At a friendly neighborhood welcome meal, they learn of a horrendous murder that leaves them trapped in an ominous feeling. Years earlier, in the next door, a daughter named Carrie Ann had murdered her parents and disappeared. Carrie Ann is supposed to have drowned, her body never to be found. Ryan (Max Thieriot), the brother was the sole survivor who still occupies the house. Ryan is distanced by many peers and despite Sarah’s wish, Elissa and Ryan start a relationship. Yet the more Elissa opens up to Ryan, odd events take place and she eventually senses someone secretly eyeing her.

Despite hitting the U.S. box office at No. 2 on its opening weekend, the film received mostly negative reviews. You can still expect great acting from the 22-year-old “Hunger Games” phenomenon Jennifer Lawrence, an already Oscar-nominated talent.

The Good Doctor (19)

Drama, Thriller / 91 / English

Orlando Bloom is back with his first starring role since “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” in 2007.

Bloom plays Dr. Martin Blake, an ambitious and anxious doctor who moved to Lost Angeles-area hospital for residency from England.

As the story continues, something is odd about Dr. Blake. He is drawn to a teenage patient named Diane (Riley Keough), hospitalized for a kidney infection. She also has a crush on him but then is released from the hospital.

New to the area with no real friends or patients that adore him as Diane, Dr. Blake accepts a dinner invitation from the grateful family of Diane. When Diane is absent from the dinner since she chose to go out with her boyfriend, Dr. Blake is determined to see her again.

He slips to her medicine cabinet and does the unethical he secretly tampers with her medicine. Not long after, her condition steadily worsens, placing her in the hospital again. His obsession escalates, leading him to kill Diane.

Can Dr. Blake’s secret be concealed? Watch and see the surprising and drastic unexpected steps the doctor takes. It may give you that extra chill befitting this winter.

Les Contes De La Nuit(15)

Romance, Fantasy / 84 / French

“Les Contes De La Nuit,” or “Tales of the Night” is a charming French animation about star-crossed lovers and their journey to be together. Its unique and artistic animation resembles that of a child’s story book and is far superior to the computerized animation that is so common today.

Although traditional in its art form, the creator Michel Ocelot uses the latest digital 3-D software to bring his silhouetted characters to life.

The story has many unexpected quirks which will delight both children and adults. The film celebrated great success at the Berlin Film Festival and was awarded praise for the use of Day-glo backgrounds bursting with bright color. It truly is a delightful film to watch. Ocelot’s wonderful storytelling techniques are romantic and culturally rich. The film weaves six exotic fables from medieval Europe, Tibet and even the land of the dead. This fairy tale will whisk you away to enchanted lands with dragons, werewolves and other creatures. Don’t be fooled, every fable will have you hooked and catch you at the end with an unexpected twist. But if anything, this film is more than just a story - it is a piece of art.

Trouble with the Curve (13)

Drama, Sports / 110 / English

Starring Clint Eastwood as an actor and not in his typical position of director, “Trouble with the Curve” is a gripping story about the simple life and baseball. Verging on being corny and cliche, the father-daughter reconciliation storyline could be appealing to many.

In terms of sports movies, this one doesn’t match those at the top of the league. However, it is an entertaining film that is very well made. Eastwood knows his baseball well, so for all of the fans out there, this film isn’t one to be missed.

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