Other notable Munjeonseongsi markets

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Other notable Munjeonseongsi markets

There are 21 Munjeonseongsi markets across the country. Here are some others of note.

Urim Market in Jungnang District, Seoul (02-436-3598)

Cattle farmers used to take a break at this market on their way to the cattle market in Majang-dong, Seongdong District, Seoul. Urim was known for its taverns and the market still tries to keep the tradition alive, selling liquor like makgeolli rice wine to hikers heading to the nearby Mt. Yongma. A samulnori troupe also performs traditional drum music on a regular basis.

Nammun Market in Geumcheon District, Seoul (02-868-9727)

This market is known for its education program for young students. As part of a partnership with the nearby Munsung Elementary School, the students of the school visit the market every Saturday to learn the basics of doing business.

Hongseong Market, Hongseong County, South Chungcheong (041-632-8833)

This market has transformed itself into a tourist venue. It sells many traditional items that tourists from abroad buy as souvenirs. Hanwoo, the Korean beef that’s a famous regional specialty, is on sale through an open-bid auction. Visitors can also participate in several activities with traditional craft artisans such as Kim Seong-hwan, a straw craftsman, and Kang No-sim, who works with bamboo.

Jungang Market in Chuncheon, Gangwon (033-254-2558)

Young artists have graced the winding alleys of this market with so many murals and art pieces that it has earned the name “Alley Gallery.” The residents volunteer as tour guides, showing visitors around every Saturday.

Bangcheon Market in Jung District, Daegu (070-8111-3024)

Many sections of the walls of this market, a total of around 300 meters, are covered in canvas, where local college students drew the history of the market.

Gagyeong Terminal Market in Cheongju, North Chungcheong (043-232-1117)

Performing artists put pantomime performances on at this market. A visitor also can try their hand at making paper crafts for 10,000 won ($9.27).
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