A fascinating look inside our bodies

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A fascinating look inside our bodies


As the old saying “sound mind sound body” goes, the body is an instrument that supports our spirit. And “Science Show The Body” aims to show people just how the body works. It is not a typical exhibit displaying dull human specimens, but a show jampacked with stunning visuals.

The show was created by a group of Kaist scientists, musicians and performance engineers. It allows people to experience the inside of the body and find out what happens to the heart, brain and veins during exercise.


The new exhibit “Science Show The Body” allows visitors to get a glimpse at the inner functions of the human body.

The show reveals what lies beneath the skin with large-scale 3-D holograms, hands-on programs and a short movie.

“Instead of relying on text, it is designed so that visitors can feel, engage and marvel at the wonders of the body regardless of age,” said Kim Min-su, an organizer.

The exhibit welcomes visitors with the overwhelming sounds of heartbeats and breathing emanating from screens featuring athletes’ muscles and joints during weightlifting and figure skating.

The real hands-on experience starts with 3-D holograms that display each organ, including the heart, stomach, intestines, eyes and ears. With a simple touch of the screen, visitors can turn rotate and enlarge the organs while learning about their functions. The section is especially popular among older adults due to their health-consciousness, organizers said.

The most popular area is “Magic Flow,” where visitors can reflect their bodies on translucent screens overlaid with virtual organ systems, including the nervous and lymphatic systems, while lying back on a couch in a dome-shaped space.

Along the way to another adventure, visitors can walk through the vein tunnel, which explains how red and white blood cells function.


At the end of the journey, there is a seven-minute movie. The educational video made by Harvard University shows the life of the cell within. As the movie was originally intended for educational purposes, it requires some scientific knowledge to understand the overall content.

Regarding this, Kim said, “We just hope people realize the miracle of how hard the body works to maintain our health.” The visuals will be interesting even without technical knowledge.

The show seems to offer the perfect experience for people interested in enhancing their scientific knowledge through interesting visuals and sound effects. Guides are available to provide more detailed explanations.

The show runs through March 2, 2014, at the Project Exhibition Hall on the first floor of the War Memorial of Korea. Tickets are available on site or via Interpark. Admission is 12,000 won ($10.84) for adults and 10,000 won for children. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. everyday except Monday, Go to Samgakji Station, line No. 4 and 6, exit 11 or 12, and walk three minutes. For more information, visit www. scienceshow.co.kr or call (070)7539-6916.

By Ahn Joo-hee contributing writer [estyle@joongang.co.kr]
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