[Sponsored Report] SK Innovation launches ads to inspire consumers

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[Sponsored Report] SK Innovation launches ads to inspire consumers

The latest SK Innovation television commercial includes a unique scene. Accompanying branding and company messaging is a scene in which an egg breaks a rock.

This unusual sight is part of SK Innovation’s brand-new television advertising campaign, and the ad ranked No. 1 on the TV commercial chart compiled last month by TVCF, a commercial review Web site. The ad campaign has been successful in providing consumers with a better idea of the company’s identity and has received positive feedback. “I think the egg scene expresses the company’s personality of thinking outside the box,” one of the Web site’s users wrote.

Innovation and creation are two terms that are often associated with the company, but they are overused and not clearly defined so it is difficult to grasp their precise meaning.

SK Innovation aims to address these problems through its advertising series, and in the first part, introduces its own definitions and motto.

The company suggests via the three-part campaign that the power of creating stems from asking small questions that come from outside the box. SK prides itself on its creative spirit, which has been a driving force behind its 50 years of growth.

“We can’t export oil just because there’s no oil reserves in the country? Why not?”

This query brought the company exports worth 53 trillion won ($47.2 billion) last year. Similar projects focused on natural resources have allowed the company to develop 24 mines across 16 countries.

The last part of the commercial series shows viewers how questions like these have led to the company’s current success. Recently, SK Innovation has turned its attention to making carbon dioxide, once considered waste, into a useful tool.

With its carbon capture technology, the company succeeded in making plastic out of captured carbon dioxide. The resulting product is environmentally friendly even after it is used and burned, leaving only water and carbon dioxide behind. This process not only saves petroleum, the standard raw material for plastic, but it also allows for the trading of carbon emission credits, according to a JoongAng Ilbo report in 2011.

“We tried to deliver the spirit of questioning the status quo to everyone who watches our commercial,” said Kim Jeong-ki, SK Innovation’s vice president of public relations.
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