Accelerate the transfer of ADD technology

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Accelerate the transfer of ADD technology

A mortar is a basic weapon in any infantry division. While it was invented long ago, it is still treated as a crucial part of the infantry unit for its simplicity and convenience. The use of a mortar is rather inconvenient and it takes a relatively long time to set up the cannon on a flat surface and take aim.

However, if advanced information and communication technology is integrated, the setup time can be drastically reduced and accuracy can be greatly improved. If we can also have price competitiveness, we can mass-produce mortars for export. Integrating information and communication technology on the conventional mortar and enhancing export competitiveness coincides with the “creative economy” that the current administration pursues.

The Agency for Defense Development (ADD) is in charge of research and development of defense-related science and technology and boasts outstanding utilization outcomes. However, as the agency has been focused on research and development of indigenous technology to replace imports, the developed technologies have not been transferred to the private sector. As a result, industrialization and commercialization of the technologies have not been attained.

In order to apply creative economy to the defense sector - more specifically, the acquisition of weapons systems - the technologies developed by the ADD should be transferred to industries and the agency should focus on strategic secrecy and high-tech fields. A new apparatus should be installed to focus on a new type of export that combines ADD technology and private capital. To accelerate the transfer of ADD technology and enhance exporting competitiveness of private companies, we need a technology holding company or a new technology-specialized agency that brings ADD technology and private capital to the business for a more competitive edge in exports as soon as possible.

*Park Chang-kyu, Policy committee member of the Agency for Defense Development
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