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CHO PD, “In Stardom V3.0”, Label: KT Music, Genre: Rap / Hip-hop

Rapper Cho PD’s new mini-album, which came after he took a two-year hiatus to focus on producing, is nothing like his previous albums - “In Stardom” and “In Stardom 2.0” Previously, Cho PD was more like a hard-core rapper, but on this EP, he included diverse genres, including not only hip-hop but also an R&B-based rock sound and ballads. Now, he sounds more like a vocalist than a rapper and the new songs are friendlier to my ears.

“Made in Itaewon,” featuring Jinbo, is a toe-tapping song that mixes boogie funk from the 1980s and disco. “Rotten XXX 3” is a follow-up to “Rotten XXX” from his first album and “Rotten XXX2” from his fifth. It’s more cheery, but Cho PD rips the hip-hop culture for lacking sincerity. The lyrics, which can be translated as, “No matter how much you act like a know-it-all, it’s the world known to only those who’s been there. It’s the world where those who only heard of it from somewhere babble about it as if he knows something. It’s the world where those gullible, naive kids with no experience re-tweets. And those who get brainwashed by that and try hard to memorize the lines,” slam the beef among Korean rappers on Twitter.

By Yim Seung-hye

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