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Label: Universal

Genre: Pop

The mission of some art, particularly the modern kind, is to provoke - to present outlandish concepts, explore untraditional ideas, challenge traditional norms - and leave you with many questions, searching for answers.

If that is the goal of Lady Gaga’s fourth album, “Artpop,” then she’s already got a success on her hands. If the goal, however, is to entertain, then she fails. For all its lofty goals, “Artpop” the album comes off as vapid artifice.

“Donatella” paints the picture of a narcissistic, model, with lines like, “I’m a rich (expletive), I’m the upper class .?.?. I smoke Marlboro Reds and drink champagne.” While the electrogroove is racing with energy, the disconnect with the lyrics makes it fall flat. “Gypsy” is another strong song, as Gaga explains her love of her whirlwind touring life to someone who wants to see her more stationary: “Don’t want to be alone forever but I can be tonight,” she sings.

Sadly, “Artpop” draws from familiar themes we’ve already heard on “Born This Way” and “The Fame,” and it sounds like someone who is stuck very much in the same place artistically.

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