[Sponsored Report] Hana Daetoo recommends China wrap account

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[Sponsored Report] Hana Daetoo recommends China wrap account


A model poses for Hana Chinese No.1 Stocks Wrap, a new type of wrap account started by Hana Daetoo Securities that invests in Chinese blue-chip companies with long-term potential.

When it comes to promising investment products for next year, Hana Daetoo Securities has recommended wrap accounts. The prolonged trend of low interest rates has diminished the attractiveness of traditional investments, spurring Hana Daetoo Securities to take a different direction. Stocks in countries with mid- and long-term growth potential, such as China and the United States, are especially enticing investors.

Against this backdrop, the company recently released the Hana Advanced Global Leaders & ETF Wrap and Hana Chinese No. 1 Stocks Wrap packages.

The Hana Chinese No.1 Stocks Wrap has been grabbing most attention, according to Hana Daetoo. The product seeks high revenues by investing long-term in Chinese blue-chip companies listed in Hong Kong. A Hana Daetoo spokesperson forecasted that investors can expect high compound interest earnings in the future, as the Chinese domestic market will keep expanding.

While consumption currently takes up 34.9 percent of China’s gross domestic product (GDP), that portion is expected to rise in the long run. The Chinese government’s strategy of boosting national income and the rapid flow of urbanization will stimulate domestic consumption, benefitting investors of the Hana Chinese No.1 Stocks Wrap.

The research center at Hana Daetoo selects only monopolies or leading stocks after conducting thorough market and industry analysis. Researchers regularly examine the financial environment and government policies, and update the investment portfolio to reflect the most recent business environment or company competitiveness.

Profit margins from overseas stock trading are subject to a 22-percent capital gain tax, providing investors with a tax-reduction effect. An initial investment should be at least 30 million won ($28,000), and the holding period is five years. The annual wrap fee is 2.5 percent and there is no buyback fee.

“China’s rate of urbanization last year was 52 percent, similar to Korea’s experiences in the beginning part of the 1990s. Therefore we expect the Chinese consumer market to go through exponential growth,” said Cho Yong-jun, head of the research center at Hana Daetoo Securities. He stressed that Chinese No. 1 stocks with long-term growth potential can prepare investors for long-term retirement savings.

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