Sammun Gate, Imyeonggwan Guesthouse, Gangneung

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Sammun Gate, Imyeonggwan Guesthouse, Gangneung


Name: Sammun Gate of Imyeonggwan Guesthouse, Period: Goryeo, Location: Gangneung, Gangwon, Status: National Treasure No. 51

This is the front gate of Gangneung Gaeksa, which was built during the Goryeo period (918-1392).

Gaeksa was the official residence in each village during the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties. It contained the wooden royal tablet and was the site of a ceremony called manggwollye, which paid tribute to the royal palace on the first and 15th days of the month. Also, government officials stayed here while carrying out their duties.

This specific guesthouse, called Imyeonggwan, had 83 rooms. It was built in the 19th year of King Taejo of the Goryeo Period (936) and houses the tablet written by King Gongmin. The residence building was eventually demolished and only this gate remains.

After the building was disassembled, some of its materials were used to build Oseongjeong Pavilion on Mount Namsan, Wolhwajeong Pavilion on Mount Geumsan and Banghaejeong Pavilion in Gyeongpo.

The gate’s roof is made in a wedge-shaped style. The pillars are oversized in the middle and the large wooden gate was placed in the front. Although it has only a few ornaments, the elegant carving skills are typical of the artworks of the Goryeo period.

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