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Venus Talk (19)

Drama, Comedy / 108 / Korean


“Venus Talk” is a story about love, work and the sex lives of three confident women in their 40s.

This is a smart film that it is also pretty hot, with some intense love scenes making headlines even before the movie’s release.

Shin-hye (Uhm Jung-hwa) is a successful TV producer who is dating her much younger colleague Jae-ho (Lee Sung-min). She tries to keep the relationship casual but cannot stop herself from falling for him.

Shin-hye has two best friends who are also going through their own romance-related ups and downs.

Mi-yeon (Moon So-ri) is a confident housewife who, now that her daughter has left home and is studying abroad, is happy for her husband to use Viagra so that they can recreate their honeymoon days.

Hae-young (Jo Min-soo) is more immature; she is a single mother who is trying to keep her love life secret from her daughter.

With three different characters, “Venus Talk” explores the dreams and realities of middle-aged romance with a forthright and witty approach.

Robocop (12)
Action, Sci-fi / 121 / English


A bankrupt Detroit is plagued by crime - so how is this science fiction exactly? Oh, right, it’s the year 2028, and the solution offered by leading conglomerate OmniCorp is robot cops.

The original “Robocop” from 1987 was a schlocky classic, featuring the uber-violence of director Paul Verhoeven and starring the enigmatic, intellectual Peter Weller as the half-man, half-robot, all-cop Robocop.

This time, however, Brazil’s Jose Padilha presents a decidedly mainstream vision, with much less blood and a much bigger budget.

But the basic story is pretty similar. Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) is a diligent husband, father and police officer who gets seriously injured in the line of duty. Raymond Seller (Michael Keaton), the head of OmniCorp, persuades Murphy’s wife to let the company turn Murphy into Robocop.

At first, the transformation turned Murphy into a mindless robot, but gradually Murphy the cop comes out. And as Murphy re-emerges, he discovers a dark conspiracy lying behind his metal suit and OmniCorp and decides to take action.

Ordinary Days (15)
Drama / 124/ Korean

“Ordinary Days” is Kim Sang-suk’s directorial debut. He also takes the lead role, playing Sang-suk, an unknown actor with a timid personality. He falls for his friend’s girlfriend, Mi-so (Kim Eun-joo), who was once a child actress but is rarely recognized nowadays.

“I wrote a scenario for you to become a bad girl,” Sang-suk announces one day, offering Mi-so the role of a girl who leaves her boyfriend to be with a new lover. With its low budget and naturalistic style, there are perhaps some comparisons to Hong Sang-soo’s oeuvre. But Kim’s film concentrates on the many taboos and restrictions confining our real desires, as if to say “Don’t be afraid of being bad. If you are not happy with where you are or what you do, break free.”

Detective Conan: The Private Eyes’ Requiem (12)

Animation / 111 / Japanese

The famous Japanese comic book hero Conan is back with his 10th animated film, originally released in 2006 in Japan.

Conan, together with Yu Myung-han (as he is called in the Korean dub) and the rest of his gang arrive at Miracle Land where they are given free passes that look like bracelets.

Unfortunately, these bracelets are equipped with explosives that will blow up if Conan and detective Yu fail to solve the mystery in 12 hours.

The original comic series was introduced in 1994, generating a strong following around the world. The first TV series appeared in 2003 and there have also been video games and many other versions.

Renoir (19)
Drama / 111/ French


The famous French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir and his talented son Jean Renoir are explored in Gilles Bourdos’s 2012 film “Renoir.”

Pierre-Auguste (Michel Bouquet) appears as a grumpy old man, confined to his wheelchair due to bad rheumatoid arthritis. He has to have his brush tied to his hand in order to paint. One day, an attractive young woman, Andree Heuschling (Christa Theret), with flaming hair and a curvy figure, visits Pierre-Auguste to model for him.

She instantly becomes his greatest muse and inspires him to generate such famous paintings as “The Bathers.”

After a while, Pierre’s son Jean (Vincent Rottiers) returns from the World War I battlefield with a severe leg injury. He, too, is instantly mesmerized by this liberating, red-haired muse, and the movie shifts its focus to Jean .

Jean Renoir’s soft and alluring painting style melds into the film’s mise-en-scene, and it is enough to captive art-inclined audiences.

Miss Granny (15)

Comedy, Drama / 124 / Korean


Oh Mal-soon (Na Mun-hee), a typical Korean “granny” in her 70s, finds out that her children plan to put her in a sanatorium. Dismayed, she wanders around town and takes the supposedly last picture of her life in a mysterious photo studio. When she comes out of the studio, Mal-soon is dumbfounded by her own reflection in the mirror: a fresh, young 20-year-old woman.

The film unfolds a great deal of trouble caused by Mal-soon’s age reversal, including her hilarious love triangle with the young and the old men. Although the general theme of the story has been overused by scores of other films like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” the actors’ performances will still lure many film lovers around the country.

Shim Eun-gyung, from the Korean films “Sunny” and “Gwanghae,” plays the younger version of Mal-soon and once again sports her extraordinary talent to move the hearts of viewers.


Movie Collage, the name multiplex chain CJ CGV gives to its special arthouse screens, is holding the “2014 Academy Exhibition” to introduce some of the movies nominated for the 86th Academy Awards, scheduled to take place on March 2 in Los Angeles.

For three weeks, starting yesterday, 13 nominated films will be shown at CGV’s 13 Movie Collage theaters.

Among those selections will be “12 Years a Slave,” which has earned nine nominations, and “American Hustle,” which leads the way with 10 nominations.

After each film, a movie expert will provide an explanation of the film and make predictions about how the Academy Awards will turn out.

“It is the fourth run for our Academy Exhibition series and we hope that people can enjoy the films that have been approved by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and also meet in advance the future Oscar winner,” said Han Seung-hee, the team manager of CGV Movie Collage.

For more information and tickets, visit CGV’s website: www.cgv.co.kr.
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