2014.2.17 NEW ARRIVALS

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2014.2.17 NEW ARRIVALS


On Such a Full Sea

AUTHOR: Chang-rae Lee

PUBLISHER: Riverhead Books

PRICE: $18.00

GENRE: Literature

Stepping from the realistic and historical territories of his previous work, Lee Chang-rae brings us into a world created from scratch.

In a future, long-declining America, society is strictly stratified by class. Long-abandoned urban neighborhoods have been repurposed as highwalled, self-contained labor colonies. And the members of the labor class - descendants of those brought over en masse many years earlier from environmentally ruined provincial China - find purpose and identity in their work to provide pristine produce and fish to the small, elite, satellite charter villages that ring the settlement.


Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon Self-Control, and My Other Experiments in Everyday Life

AUTHOR: Gretchen Rubin

PUBLISHER: Three Rivers Press

PRICE: $15.00

GENRE: Health, Fitness & Dieting

In the spirit of her blockbuster “The Happiness Project,” Gretchen Rubin embarks on a new project to make the home a happier place.

In “The Happiness Project,” she worked out general theories of happiness. Here she goes deeper on factors that matter for home, such as possessions, marriage, time and parenthood. How can she control the cubicle in her pocket? How might she spotlight her family’s treasured possessions? And it really was time to replace that dud toaster.

Each month, Rubin tackles a different theme as she experiments with concrete, manageable resolutions - and this time she coaxes her family to try some resolutions as well.


To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

AUTHOR: Daniel H. Pink

PUBLISHER: Riverhead Books

PRICE: $16.00

GENRE: Business & Investing

“To Sell Is Human” offers a fresh look at the art and science of selling.

As he did in his earlier books, Daniel H. Pink draws on a rich trove of social science for his counterintuitive insights. He reveals the new ABCs of moving others (it’s no longer “Always Be Closing”), explains why extraverts don’t make the best salespeople and shows how giving people an “off-ramp” for their actions can matter more than actually changing their minds.

Along the way, Pink also describes the six successors to the elevator pitch, the three rules for understanding another person’s perspective, the five frames that can make your message clearer and more persuasive, and much, much more.

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