‘Technology first’ vision drives firm

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‘Technology first’ vision drives firm

Sangbo Group’s vision is to become a century-old company that contributes to society’s development with the best products based on the management philosophy “technology first.”

The company has world-class, differentiated technology and accumulated experience and know-how as it has concentrated on developing technology for coating materials for 37 years.

Its success came from its constant focus on research and development. Compared to its competitors in the same industry, Sangbo’s investment versus sales is high and it also has a large number of research workers.

The company’s priority is to ensure that it always has the most cutting-edge technology as it realizes that this is what makes it so competitive.

In the early stages, the company enjoyed a heyday, controlling 70 percent of the world’s media film market. But as tapes for audio and video declined, many companies in the industry quickly vanished.

Sangbo adapted its business again, however, by developing window films and optical films for displays.

The company continues to be innovative, particularly since it entered the nanocoating business in 2012. At the foundation of its innovation, however, lies its coating technology.

In addition, the world’s leading nanomaterials maker is committed to building up a company that makes everyone happy, rather than just its shareholders.

Sangbo invests in expanding the talents of its employees and enjoys working through opportunities for self-development while also ensuring quality products for its clients.

The company is also committed to corporate social responsibility. A case in point is its Same Roof Volunteer program in which Sangbo workers visit underprivileged neighborhoods once a month to help out.

Sangbo also hires regional talent first and supports activities aimed at preserving cultural heritage, as it believes that commitment to clients, employees and members of society makes for a better future and wins trust.

But competition in the market is becoming increasingly fierce due to China’s recent development policy and its strategy of protecting its own high-tech industry.

But despite this, Sangbo is making continuous growth based on proprietary technology, application technology, product quality, and unprecedentedly low production costs through using its own process technology.

In the future, when the markets for next-generation technologies such as graphene, carbon nano tubes and energy-saving films open, Sangbo will once again prove its true value as an innovative company.

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