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Exodus: Gods and Kings (12)

Drama/ 154/ English

Ridley Scott, director of “Gladiator”, has applied his skill of creating astonishing imagery to this new biblical epic about Moses.

The film successfully depicts the might and momentous spectacle of the Old Testament with shots of vast armies marching across plains and huge quarries in which the Hebrews toil.

The story of Moses is well known. While Hebrews suffered under the Egyptian Pharaoh’s reign, Moses grew up as a stepbrother of the Pharaoh’s son, Ramses.

After a while, Moses received the message from God to save the Hebrews from Egypt. He tried to persuade Ramses to release the slaves, but Ramses said did not believe in God. Instead, he said that he was God. As a result, the “10 plagues of Egypt” wreaked havoc while Moses led 600,000 Hebrews slaves out of Egypt.

The screenplay, written by Oscar-winner Steve Zaillian, who collaborated with the director on “Hannibal” and “American Gangster,” boils down to a simple brother vs. brother story.

The biblical epic also has a star-studded cast, including Christian Bale of “The Dark Knight Rises” playing Moses and Joel Edgerton of “The Great Gatsby” playing Ramses.

The Motel Life (19)


Drama, mystery/ 85/ English

Frank (Emile Hirsch) and Jerry (Stephen Dorff) are brothers living in Reno, Nevada. The two drop out of high school and work odd jobs. They don’t even have a home so they wander around staying at cheap motels.

One day, Jerry kills a teenage boy in a hit-and-run car accident. The accident was the boy’s fault, but there were no witnesses. Jerry returns to the motel and asks Frank to flee with him, but instead burns the car.

However, the police suspect the brothers had committed the crime, so the two decide to leave.

On the way out of town, Frank confessed that he had received mail from his ex-girlfriend, Annie (Dakota Fanning), who was forced into prostitution by her abusive mother.

The brothers head to the town where she lives and Jerry encourages Frank to rekindle the relationship. At the same time, Jerry gets an infection in his leg and his condition worsens.

The gloomy story could be quite boring, but audiences have approved of the film because it is close to reality. Dakota Fanning successfully sheds her girlish image in this movie.

The Piano (19)

Drama, romance/ 121/ English


The masterpiece “The Piano” is being screened once again 21 years after its release.

The film won three Academy Awards out of eight nominations. Holly Hunter received the award for Best Actress, Anna Paquin won Best Supporting Actress and Jane Campion won for the Best Original Screenplay.

The story unfolds in the mid-19th century. Ada (Holly Hunter) is a mute female with a daughter, Flora (Anna Paquin). She leaves Scotland with her daughter and her beloved piano to marry a man named Stewart (Sam Neill). Her life in the rugged forests in New Zealand is not what she imagined, nor is her relationship with her new husband. After Stewart sells Ada’s piano to his neighbor, George (Harvey Keitel), Ada becomes angry.

George asks her to teach him how to play piano if she wants to get it back. At first, Ada despises George but she accepts his suggestion to get her piano back.

Unexpectedly, the relationship between George and Ada transforms slowly into love and their romance puts them in a dire situation.

The film has received sixty-eight awards from renowned film festivals. The digitally remastered version was released on Thursday.

Five Eagle Brothers (15)

Comedy, thriller/ 102/ Korean


Jun Hyung-joon, who has been working on movies for more than 10 years, finally made his directorial debut with the film “Five Eagle Brothers.”

The film enchants the audience with an impressive cast including Hwang Chan-sung of 2PM and Korean wave star Yoon Sang-hyun.

The three brothers and two sisters live with their parents in the village of Duksoori.

They became a family through their parent’s second marriage. But the lives of the five siblings could not be more different: Soo-kyo (Yoon Sang-hyun) is the oldest brother and a timid teacher; Dong-soo (Song Sae-byeok) is a gangster; Hyun-Jung (Lee Ah-lee) is a beautiful bus driver for a night club; Soo-Geun (Hwang Chan-sung) is a clumsy athlete; and Soo-jung (Kim Ji-min), the youngest sibling, is a very clever elementary school student.

One day, their parents disappear, and although the five siblings are not close, they come together and begin a journey to find their parents. At the beginning, they are constantly arguing over how they should go about finding their parents.

They resolve their issues, making for a heart-warming story as the siblings come to understand their differences and accept each other as a family.

But the mood changes when the five make a shocking discovery.

Howl’s Moving Castle (All)

Animation/ 119/ Japanese

The world famous animation by Studio Ghibli “Howl’s Moving Castle” is coming to theaters again to mark its 10th anniversary. The film has been remastered to provide clearer images.

Sophie is an 18-year-old girl who works at her late father’s hat shop. One day, she unexpectedly becomes friends with a boy named Howl, who is a strange and flamboyant wizard and has a large house that can move around on its own. But the Witch of the West hates that Sophie has become friends with Howl so she puts a curse on the girl to turn her into an ugly old hag.

Sophie asks Howl for a job in exchange for a room in his castle, where she attempts to find a way to undo the witch’s curse with help from Calcifer, who is a small but powerful fire demon. Markl, who protects the portal that is used to enter other worlds, also helps Sophie on her journey.

The film’s original soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi has also been widely loved since its release.

Big Match (15)

Comedy, action/ 112/ Korean

Choi Ho of “Go Go 70s” (2008) has completed his first film in five years, the fun feature “Big Match.”

The film’s cast includes Lee Jung-jae of “The Face Reader” and Shin Ha-kyun of “The Thieves.”

“Zombie”, or Choi Ik-Ho (Lee Jung-jae), is a talented UFC star. But one day, he is arrested as the prime suspect in the disappearance of his older brother and coach. Soon, he receives a phone call from Ace, a mastermind who designs a reality game for the upper classes to bet enormous amounts of money on.

Ik-ho realizes that he is the sole participant in a deadly game that uses real people in real time with high-tech widgets and CCTV cameras.
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