Towards a peaceful coexistence

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Towards a peaceful coexistence

I rewatched a documentary on wildlife in Africa, about a jackal family and an African wild dog, known as a lycaon. A female lycaon was traveling on her own, when she found four baby jackals hidden in a hole. In nature, predators usually kill the babies of competitors, eliminating future competition. However, this wild dog brings food to the baby jackals and begins taking care of them as if they are her own young. When the parent jackals return from hunting, they are puzzled. They call the babies while the wild dog is resting and run away. The family returns to the hole later, but danger awaits. A hyena smells them and approaches the babies. While the jackal father tries to fight off the hyena, he can’t drive away a predator several times his size. Then, the lycaon comes running in and join the fight, attacking the hyena with the jackal. The hyena runs away in the end, and the lycaon begins living with the jackal family.

The lycaon and the jackal parents hunt together to feed the babies. Even in heavy storms, the lycaon goes hunting. Thanks to the help of the lycaon, the four babies overcome the first crisis. Without the lycaon, only one or two would have survived. The lycaon is a friend and a helper for the family. The jackals are a precious family for the lycaon.

In zoos, female animals often take care of the babies of other species. However, the wild dog and the jackals met in the middle of the wilderness. While it is still unknown how this union will end, their friendship is unique. How could this be possible? They are aggressive, carnivorous animals, but they instinctively knew that it was the time to work together for survival.

Looking back on the past year, it is hard to find coexistence or cooperation in Korea. The year has been full of extreme confrontation and miscommunication. It is hard to believe that we are so divided on the same land. Politicians are extremely divided, and the president always assumes the role of a third party in every controversy. She acts like a judge, not a person involved, criticizing and evaluating. She has been criticized for not taking responsibility. It is unclear what the ruling party has been doing. It has long lost its function. When the social leaders are so shaken, the lives of average people are full of struggles and suffering. The economy has also been aggravated.

But the politicians haven’t conducted any bipartisan cooperation or collaboration. They continue to fight and criticize. The truth needs to be clarified, and accountability should be found. But when we need to work together, we need to cooperate. Only then, we can get out of these hard days. The collaboration of the wild dog and the jackals inspired me to search for a grand reconciliation. The year 2014 is almost over, and only regrets and pity remain.

The author is a national news editor of JTBC.

JoongAng Ilbo, Dec. 18, Page 34

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