Roy Kim reveals his sensitive side

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Roy Kim reveals his sensitive side


Roy Kim

Roy Kim, a singer who made his debut on the survival audition program “Superstar K4,” is known to be a precocious person.

The fact that he doesn’t drink because his face turns too red and is a student at Georgetown University, one of the most prestigious schools in the United States, contributes to his image of being smart, preppy and well behaved.

Combined, these factors make fans eager to discover what Kim is really like. “I’m not perfect, but some expect me to be and then get disappointed when they find out I’m really not,” said the singer in a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily.

“I just want more people to like my music, and I want to present songs that I’m confident in.”

Q. Do you regret becoming a singer? I’m sure you have experienced some discomfort or inconveniences.

A. There are many times [I have regretted becoming a singer]. However, saying those things doesn’t really make others treat me better, and it also makes me feel sad. There are not many solutions to make the situation better. All of my friends go out, date, go to clubs, drink alcohol and do the many things they can only do when they’re young, but I can’t do those things. Even though people cheer for me at my performances, I get lonely when I’m by myself in my room.

What do you usually do with friends?

I go to the sauna often. I like that my friends and I can be honest with each other when we go to the sauna. I don’t really like talking about serious issues with other guys when we’re out drinking.

Is it true that you cry often?

I try my best to hold back my tears. In fact, I almost cried before I started my national tour in Seoul after I saw that the venue was full. I tried to hold it in because if I had actually cried, it would have messed up my emotions and it wouldn’t have helped me hit the right notes.

Do you think you are more sensitive than other people your age?

Since I spend so much time alone, I get to have more time to think. I think that maybe when you write a song, that is the very moment when you can be truly honest because I get to contemplate more about what’s meaningful in my life. Telling others directly about my feelings may not help me much when I’m making music, so I’d rather hide. I’m scared of telling the real story to other people.

Do you like being in college?

At first I sang to get into college. But I started to acquire more thoughts after I became a singer. I’ve wondered whether I’ll be able to apply the studies I’m undertaking right now into my work, but I don’t want to quit. Experiencing life on campus is something I have always dreamed about. College life for me is also a way to get out of my loneliness.

Are you dating?

There are some people I have liked, but I didn’t act on it. Also, I feel hurt when people ask me that question rather than focusing on finding out more about my talent when I put so much effort into making music and putting together an album and performances.

But don’t you think you need to experience romance to continue writing love songs?

I think I can still keep my feelings alive. I can express what I have felt and what I feel.

What kind of a singer do you want to be?

I don’t have a role model, but I think I will continue to be a singer if I keep putting my best efforts into every moment. I go to concerts of other musicians a lot these days and when I see that the venue filled with more than 10,000 fans, I think about how I can become that person one day in the future.

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