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Fan variety a blow to older blades


Different types of electric fans are available; (from left) A character necklace fan by BKW; USB Mini Fan by Xiaomi; a Bladeless fan by Dyson. Provided by Gmarket

From detachable USB electric fans to multifunctional bladeless ones, consumers now have a variety of fan options to keep cool.

At the high-end is Dyson’s Air Multiplier, which does not have any visible fan blades. The British electronic company’s fans have blades hidden inside the pedestal stand where the fan takes in up to 5.28 gallons of air per second, comparable to vacuum cleaners.

The bladeless fans are also equipped with a brushless electric motor in the stand, which rotates the hidden blades.

The motor controls the speed of the fans and is quieter than fans with conventional motors. The motor finally shoots the fast-flowing air up into a circular tube above the stand, generating wind outward.

Dyson claims its fan can generate more consistent wind than its bladed counterpart while enhancing safety.

But as the fancy design and innovative technology might indicate, Dyson’s fans are more expensive than conventional fans. While traditional bladed fans have a price tag of about $200, Dyson’s Air Multiplier can cost up to $1,000 in Korea.

Japanese manufacturer Balmuda is competing with Dyson in the premium fan market.

GreenFan, a signature fan developed by the Japanese company, can generate what the company calls a “natural breeze.” The company said the air that comes from GreenFan feels fresher and more natural than conventional products.

The GreenFan has two types of airflow from a single fan, changing the direction and movement of the air. The company says the mechanism can create pressure differences and result in natural winds.

“GreenFan technology concentrates and diffuses the swirling effect of the fan’s airflow, transforming it into the type of breeze found in the natural world in which air moves across a flat surface,” Balmuda says on its official website.

But not all fan makers are focused on manufacturing premium-quality fans. Others opt for light, crowd-pleasing antics.

Local fan maker BKW has signed licensing contracts with Disney Korea and Marvel Studios to produce character electric fans.

It offers fans featuring Marvel superheroes such as Spider-Man and Captain America.

The company’s air purifier has a body molded into Mickey Mouse.

For a convenient, portable fan, Xiaomi’s USB Mini Fan may be a good option.

The model works by connecting to the USB port in a desktop computer, laptop or car charger.

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