[Sponsored Report] Modcol Flu alleviates symptoms with ease

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[Sponsored Report] Modcol Flu alleviates symptoms with ease


Chong Kun Dang’s new product Modcol Flu was released in four types: All-day, Night, Nose and Cough. [CHONG KUN DANG]

Due to daily temperature fluctuations, fall is the season when the number of flu cases tends to peak. Symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose and fever make daily life uncomfortable, but their impact can be minimized if treated appropriately.

This is why Chong Kun Dang’s new “Modcol Flu Dry Syrup” was released in four different types (All-day, Night, Nose and Cough) that can be taken to alleviate different symptoms at different times of the day.

All Modcol Flu products contain acetaminophen, which reduces fever and physical pain. Modcol Flu All-day and Night both contain phenylephrine HCl, which reduces nasal congestion. The difference between the two is whether a cough medicine that can induce drowsiness is included.

The all-day product includes a high dose of a non-drowsy cough medicine called dextromethorphan hydrobromide HCI. The night-only product, on the other hand, contains the cough medicine diphenhydramine hydrate, which also reduces congestion and helps the consumer sleep.

Along with acetaminophen, Modcol Flu Cough includes expectorants and cough suppressants. Modcol Flu Nose contains nasal decongestants and antihistamines, which suppress allergic reactions.

The Modcol Flu series is taken after being mixed into water, which increases the medicines’ ability to be absorbed, reduces gastrointestinal side effects and helps supplement the liquids necessary to fight a flu. Additionally, the packaging includes braille for the visually impaired and pictograms to help consumers understand what they’re taking. This product can be purchased without a prescription at a local pharmacy.

BY SONG KYOUNG-SON [song.kyoungson@joongang.co.kr]
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