Huawei gives predictions for apparel of the future

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Huawei gives predictions for apparel of the future


What if you could download new clothing designs any time you want, or freely control the size and length of your attire?

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone provider that ranks third in the world after Apple and Samsung, has released a forecast of future fashion trends together with Sabine Seymour, a renowned fashion futurologist.

According to their reports on fashion trends decades down the road, there will be four major changes in the industry.

The first is the advent of inner wear that monitors the biometric data of the user.


The second is technology that will let consumers follow the newest design trends with a “single” article of clothing that can be modified.

The third, according to Seymour, is clothing that freely changes form, adjusting automatically according to a user’s needs. For example, sleeves, collar or skirt length could change depending on the occasion.

“There will be no more need to carry extra clothes in case of weather because the fabric will adjust to changes in the climate and body temperature,” he added. “With single clothing, all sorts of designs will be possible.”

He further predicted the role 3-D printers will play in the future, saying the technology could be expanded to create perfectly sized shoes.

In terms of materials, fabrics will be able to sense the gestures and touch of the user.

“Once the clothes are connected to cars, automobile systems could be controlled in line with personal tastes in fashion once the driver sits in the car,” Seymour said.

“In the future, the energy source for the clothing will be the kinetic energy produced while the user is walking.”

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