[Sponsored Report] Modcol Flu offers cold relief in hot tea form

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[Sponsored Report] Modcol Flu offers cold relief in hot tea form


Chong Kun Dang’s Modcol Flu Dry Syrup is released in four different versions: All-Day, Night, Nose and Cough. [CHONG KUN DANG]

Medical specialists often recommend drinking hot tea as a way to overcome the flu, as water intake is very important for fighting off the cold virus. This is why Chong Kun Dang has recently made its cold medicine Modcol Flu Dry Syrup in powdered tea form.

The hot water taken with the formula has additional effects such as speeding up the medication’s absorption into the body and reducing the reaction in the digestive tract.

Another distinctive feature of Modcol Flu Dry Syrup is that it is released in different versions according to the patient’s main symptoms and preferred time of dosage. The lineup comprises Modcol Flu All-Day, Night, Nose and Cough.

All four contain acetaminophen, a fever and pain reliever, as the base. Both Modcol Flu All-Day and Night also contain phenylephrine HCl, which removes nasal congestion. The two products are differentiated based on whether they contain a central cough medicine or substances that induce drowsiness.

Modcol Flu All-Day, made to be taken any time, contains a high dosage of the central cough medicine dextromethorphan hydrobromide HCI, which enhances the cough relief effect. The Night product, on the other hand, contains diphenhydramine hydrate, a strong sedating and anticholinergic agent that reduces nasal congestion.

Apart from the acetaminophen included in every product of the lineup, Modcol Flu Nose and Cough each contain substances that concentrate on their respective symptoms.

The former has nose decongestants and antihistamine to suppresses allergic reactions, and the latter contains central cough medicine, expectorants that eliminate phlegm, and bronchodilator, a substance which widens the bronchial tubes.

“Modcol Flu Dry Syrup was devised to give consumers an option to choose a cold medicine of their choice based on their symptoms and preferred time of dosage,” a Chong Kun Dang spokesman said.

“We hope this product will be a solution for patients looking for a customized flu medicine.”

Modcol Flu Dry Syrup is a non-prescription drug and therefore can be found in local pharmacies.

BY SONG KYOUNG-SON [song.kyoungson@joongang.co.kr]
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