Machine beats man in second AI Go match

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Machine beats man in second AI Go match

Google's artificial intelligence computer algorithm AlphaGo once again beat world Go champion Lee Se-dol on Thursday, the second game of a five-match tournament pitting human against the most advanced computer.

Tension was thick throughout the match, which lasted almost four hours and a half after beginning at 1 p.m. Unlike Day 1, which was Wednesday, the players used the entire four-hour play time and the match went into overtime.

Lee used up his two-hour maximum earlier than his software counterpart. The Korean Go master started using byoyomi, a Japanese word for extensions, at 4:41 p.m. and AlphaGo followed suit at 5:18. The game ended at 5:26 p.m. as the situation allowed no room for Lee to triumph over the algorithm.

Lee used a different strategy from Wednesday. Unlike in the first match, when AlphaGo spent more time than Lee, the professional player showed particular prudence when placing his stones. The 33-year-old master also made highly safe choices with as few provocations or mistake as possible. AlphaGo followed a similar tactic.

Each player was given three rounds of one-minute byoyomi. During the extensions, a player is supposed to make a move in one minute. If he fails to do so, he can’t place a stone. In the last round of byoyomi, the player naturally loses if he does not make a move in a minute.
That did not happen to Lee.

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