[Sponsored Report] Lotte proudly provides opportunities to the less fortunate

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[Sponsored Report] Lotte proudly provides opportunities to the less fortunate


Left: Lotte Group and Special Olympics Korea co-host the “2016 Super Blue Marathon” at World Cup Park in western Seoul on Oct. 8. Right: Lotte Group and its 45 affiliates gather in AT Center in Yangjae for “Charlotte Sharing Gimjang Festival,” on Dec. 15. [LOTTE]

Lotte Group’s social contribution activities evolve beyond simple donations. The company strives to inspire people to pay attention to those less fortunate than others, as well as support the independence of people who face economic hardships. The conglomerate hosts not only events that encourage active participation but also programs in which the underprivileged can participate. Also, it supports women by providing resources that allow them to work outside of the home.

Lotte works to eliminate prejudice against those with disabilities. With Special Olympics Korea, Lotte took an active step towards making a more inclusive society in which disabled people can participate. The company kicked off its “Super Blue Campaign” in November 2014 to combat prejudice against the disabled. The campaign uses cobalt blue shoelaces as its symbol, with the color representing hope and the act of tying one’s own shoes representing independence. The campaign encourages people to wear blue shoelaces to express their support for disabled people and pass on the spirit of independence, sharing and consideration. This year, Lotte held its second “Super Blue Marathon Competition” on Oct. 8, where both able-bodied and disabled people ran together in hopes of ridding society of prejudices and misconceptions about disability.

Also, Lotte collaborated with Autistar this year to design covers for the company magazine that staff and executives subscribe to every month. Autistar, which stands for Autism Special Talents and Rehabilitation, is a social enterprise that helps autistic youth realize their dreams of becoming designers and helps them to be independent and to be incorporated to the society. Lotte included the work of Autistar designers in the January to December issues of its company magazine. Thus, it seeks to provide support to neglected parts of society.

In addition, Lotte Group contributes to making a society in which women feel more comfortable and included. Lotte Group has been running activities for mothers under its “Easy Mom” program since 2014. Two of the program’s mainstays include “Easy Mom Co-parenting Sharing Centers” and “Easy Mom’s Healing Time.” “Easy Mom Co-parenting Sharing Centers” provide a safe and comfortable space for the children of military families stationed on the front lines. Cooperating with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Lotte funded 1 billion won ($832,000) to build 12 of these centers. This will allow members of the military to better focus on their duties, as they will have access to services to help them better balance their activities at home and work and be able to spend more time with their families.

And with Easy Mom’s Healing Time, Lotte recognizes how mothers engaging in social work with marginalized people often do not have much time to spend with their own children. The program encourages these working moms to take time off to spend with their families. The first iteration of Easy Mom’s Healing Time provided 300 social workers and their children with personal development education as well as cultural and leisure activities. Lotte plans to further support the program with 1 billion won over the next 5 years, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Furthermore, Lotte does social contribution activities for various underprivileged people, people of national merit and their family members, and firefighters who protect citizens with their lives.

On Dec. 15, Lotte and its 45 affiliates gathered in AT Center in Yangjae for “Charlotte Sharing Gimjang Festival,” which was conducted for the second time since the first event last year. Over 1,000 executives and employees of each affiliate came and made 15,000 cabbages of kimchi. The kimchi was donated to underprivileged families in different parts of Korea through the Korean Red Cross.

On Oct. 3, Lotte Group held the “Korea United as One Concert” at the Lotte Concert Hall in Jamsil-dong, southern Seoul, to commemorate Armed Forces Day in Korea. More than 2,000 veterans as well as war-bereaved families were invited. The concert featured Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” as well as the fourth movement of Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9, popularly known as the “New World Symphony.” The pieces were performed by the KBS Symphony Orchestra, one of the country’s most famous orchestras, with Adriel D. Kim as the conductor. Soprano Kang Hyejung and tenor Jin Sung-won performed renditions of Korean classics like “Onward to the Land of Hope” and “Longing for Mt. Geumgang.”

Lotte Group’s social contribution activities extend online as well. Last May, the company held a giveaway on its Facebook page (www.facebook.com/LOTTE) called the Lotte Pleasure Box Campaign, giving out boxes of necessary products such as heat resistant gloves to fire stations, in association with Lotte Hotel. Since its first iteration in July 2013, the Pleasure Box campaign has supplied goods to a number of people in need.

BY KIM KYU-EUN [kim.kyueun@joongang.co.kr]
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