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Ku Hye-sun explores darkness and light in exhibit


Actress Ku Hye-sun holds her sixth solo exhibition “dark YELLOW” until Jan. 29, at Hangaram Art Museum Gallery 7, Seoul Arts Center in Seocho District, southern Seoul. [YG ENTERTAINMENT]

Ku Hye-sun is known to many as a successful actress. She has garnered fans with her young face, and has become even more famous after appearing in a number of TV commercials. This time, her comeback is not made on TV but at an art gallery. For over three weeks, Ku will introduce her art through a solo exhibition named “dark YELLOW.”

This marks her sixth solo exhibition, and comes as no surprise, as Ku is already widely known for making numerous challenges that are not confined to her acting career. She wrote her first novel in 2009, released a new age album later that year, debuted as a singer the next year, and even worked as not only an actor but the director in several films.

But her challenges were not always acknowledged. As time passed, her career piled up, and she was even criticized by some.

“At first, when I received attention as a TV star, I thought everything would work out well,” said Ku during a press conference for her solo exhibition. “I wanted to express and realize so many things. But a lot of my trials actually led to failure, and as that continued, I felt more and more discouraged.”

Therefore, the exhibition doesn’t only signify her next step as an artist, but as a more mature person. After receiving hurtful critiques of her work, she once promised herself never to draw again. She even threw away all of her artwork. But now, thinking back to those turbulent times, those radical decisions actually helped her to grow into a more developed artist.

Ku said, “There was a time when I had trouble falling asleep. It was very tiring. But as the cycle continued, I realized that my body manages to find the right balance no matter how late I fall asleep, and no matter what time I get up at. It’s the same thing with feelings. Just like we feel happy from time to time, we also need to go through sad moments. Some days might be just too much to take on, but even those extreme times shall pass. That’s how I managed to find my own balance.”

Her solo exhibition “dark YELLOW” consists of 36 pieces of art. By using a lot of yellow, which reflects childhood, and black, which is often associated with fear, Ku strives to depict the bright and dark sides of her young dreams. The paintings boast vivid colors from far away, but when viewers take a closer look, they will see Ku’s delicate touches that resemble agony and despair. After all, Ku mentioned, “Having a dream can be one of the most terrifying things on earth.”

The exhibition “dark YELLOW” lasts until Jan. 29, 2017 at Hangaram Art Museum Gallery 7, Seoul Arts Center in Seocho District, southern Seoul.

BY MIN KYUNG-WON [shon.jihye@joongang.co.kr]

The exhibit opens from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tickets are free of charge.

For more information, call (02) 3140-6554 or go to www.sac.or.kr.

화가로 컴백한 구혜선 "남편은 잘 내버려두는 걸로 외조"

“세상에서 가장 공포스러운 것은 꿈이 생기는 거예요.”

5~29일 서울 예술의전당 한가람미술관 제7전시실에서 열리는 ‘다크 옐로우(순수, 공포, 그리고 자유)’ 개막을 앞두고 만난 배우 구혜선(33)의 말은 낯설었다. 화가로서는 2009년 ‘탱고’를 시작으로 6번째 여는 개인전이자 가수ㆍ작가ㆍ영화감독까지 안해본 게 없을 정도로 꿈꾸는 것이 익숙한 사람처럼 보이는 탓이다.
구혜선은 “처음에는 연예인으로 대중의 주목을 받고 표현하고 싶은 것이 많았기 때문에 잘될 줄 알고 했지만 계속 실패하다보니 자존감이 떨어지고 무기력감이 들었다”고 고백했다. 뉴에이지 앨범 2장과 정규 앨범, 단편 및 장편 영화 6편 등 필모그래피는 쌓여갔지만 냉정한 평가에 오히려 꿈이 상처가 되어 돌아오기 시작한 것이다.

“더이상 그림을 그리지 않겠다”며 예전 작품을 다 버리고 마음을 비운 것이 되려 도움이 됐다.“잠을 잘 못 자서 고생했는데 결국 언제 잠들고 깨어나도 다시 균형이 유지가 되더라고요. 감정도 기쁜 일이 있으면 슬픈 일도 생기고, 한쪽으로 쏠리는 것 같아도 다시 균형이 맞춰지는 걸 보면서 중심이 생겨난 것 같아요.”
그렇게 삼각형에 꽂혀 그 안에 질서를 추구하게 된 그는 꿈이 가장 많았던 시절인 동심을 상징하는 노란색과 아무것도 할 수 없는 현실의 공포를 검은색으로 표현해 36점의 작품을 그려냈다. 얼핏 밝아보이는 그림을 한발짝 가까이서 들여다보면 얇은 붓펜으로 촘촘히 새겨넣은 절망과 고민이 묻어난다. 작곡집 ‘숨1-소품집’과 ‘숨2-십년이 백년이 지난 후에’의 음악이 잔잔히 흐르며 악보도 함께 전시돼 있다.
DA 300

지난해 결혼한 남편 안재현(30)의 외조에 대해 묻자 “의미를 찾아가는 작업에 집중할 수 있도록 도움을 줬다”며 “잘 내버려뒀다”고 답했다. 나영석 PD가 연출하는 리얼 결혼 예능으로 기대를 모으고 있는 tvN ‘신혼일기’에 대해서는 “어제 촬영을 마쳤는데 생각보다 엄청 힘들었다”며 “잘 지내는 모습을 보여드리고 싶었는데 엄청 싸우게 되는 걸 보면서 부부관계가 항상 좋은 일만 있는 건 아닌데 이걸 하는게 맞는 건가라는 생각이 들기도 했지만 보기에는 재미있을 것 같다”고 밝혔다.

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