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The King (15)

Crime, drama/ 134/ Korean

Tae-su, played by Zo In-sung, is an ambitious prosecutor. Many start with big goals and dreams when they decide to become a prosecutor, but Tae-su’s reason is simple. When Tae-su was young, he witnessed his powerless father get beaten up by a mighty prosecutor. Since then, Tae-su’s only goal was to become a man of power.

This film revolves around prosecutor Tae-su’s ambition to stand at the center of power amid a change of regime. After numerous attempts to gain more power, he meets another prosecutor named Kang-sik, played by Jung Woo-sung, a boastful and influential man. Kang-sik persuades Tae-su to follow his approach, and the two team up. While Tae-su is enjoying his time behind Kang-sik, a change in regime comes. This brings about an unexpected change to Tae-su and Kang-sik’s comfortable life.

Featuring a star-studded cast, the film also features veteran actors Bae Seong-woo and Kim A-joong. The film’s director Han Jae-rim is famous for directing the 2013 hit film “The Face Reader,” for which he won the Daejong Film Award.

It’s Only the End of the World (15)

Drama/ 99/ French

Famous writer Louis, played by Gaspard Ulliel, returns home after 12 years away. His family is thrilled to have their boy back, and prepare a celebratory dinner. It seems like the family is finally back in one piece again. His mother, played by Nathalie Baye, prepares the delicious meal for her son and his sister Suzanne, played by Lea Seydoux, wears her favorite clothes to greet him. Big brother Antoine, played by Vincent Cassel, greets Louis with his usual unhappy face, and even his sister-in-law Catherine, played by Marion Cotillard, is waiting to say her first hello to Louis.

But Louis hasn’t come back for no reason. He is just finding the right moment to tell his family of his recent news - Louis has come to tell them that he’ll die soon. He recently found out that he’s terminally ill.

Director Xavier Dolan has received numerous awards for his films, including the Cannes Film Festival’s Grand Prize of the Jury for this film. His other famed works include “Mommy” (2014), “Laurence Anyways” (2012), “Heartbeats” (2010) and “I Killed My Mother” (2009).


Billy Elliot (12)

Drama, family, comedy/ 110/ English

Eleven-year-old boy Billy lives with his miner father in northern England. On his way to his boxing lessons, Billy runs into a group of girls in ballet shoes taking ballet classes. Mesmerized by their moves, Billy imitates the girls behind them, and catches the instructor Mrs. Wilkinson’s eyes. She decides to give Billy special lessons, and suggests he audition for the Royal Ballet School. Billy, however, faces trouble developing his ability as his tough father strongly opposes the idea. While his father is firm that ballet is only for girls, Billy cannot resist his passion for dance. He stands at a point in life where he has to choose between his life’s responsibilities and his gifted talent.

One day, during Billy’s secretive dance practice, his father appears out of the blue in the gym. What would this unexpected and undesirable encounter lead to?

This film was nominated for an Academy Award. Other famous works of this director, Stephen Daldry, are “Trash” (2014) and “The Reader” (2008), for which he was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award.


Turning Mecard W: The Revival of Black Mirror(All)

Animation/ 72/ Korean

A show much loved by children is hitting theaters for the first time. Mecanimals, cars that can turn into robots, and their young friends, including a young boy named Nachan, face danger when the evil force Black Mirror revives. The Black Mirror was thought to have become extinct, but to everyone’s surprise, it has come back for revenge. With the unexpected return of the Black Mirror, the Mecanimals and their friends prepare for the imminent battle.

“Turning Mecard W” is a Korean TV cartoon that is popular with children and animation fans. The series begins in a future world 30 years from now, which has been ruined by pollution. While Damien watches for a chance to make evil use of the Mecanimals, Ryu strives to protect them. The plot intensifies as the two boys happen to go back 30 years, where they meet Nachan and his friends. Ryu, however, falls into Damien’s trap and teams up with him to fight against the young boys and girls from the past. As kids have waited for a movie version of this popular cartoon, parents should check this film out with their children.


Black (All)

Drama/ 124/ Indian

For 8-year-old girl Michelle McNally, played by Rani Mukerji, the world is quiet and pitch-black. Whether asleep or not, all the girl could do is to explore an unending world of darkness and silence. Unable to see, hear or speak, the unstable girl suffers through immense loneliness and fear, and just around the time when her parents have almost given up on her, they request help from Debraj Sahai, a specialist on orthogenics, played by Amitabh Bachchan, as their last hope.

Determined to show her a ray of light, Sahai looks after the girl with all his might. Step by step, a streak of hope appears in front of the blind girl’s eyes as she gets to explore the world through what it consists of. Sahai becomes not only Michelle’s teacher, but also her life guide.

But just as she seems to find peace and stability within her life, Sahai disappears without a word.

This hopeful film has touched the hearts of many, making some even burst in tears. This film is a must-watch for those in need of a stimulus for the new year.

Her Father, My Lover (19)

Comedy/ 105/ Japanese

Taeko and Maya are ordinary university students. This is until Maya all of a sudden told her friend, “I’m in love with your father.” This quickly leads the family into unwanted disaster, and Maya is soon thought by many people as a pervert.

Out of so many men in the world, why did it have to be her friend’s father? But Maya seems to be unable to shake the grown man out of her head, and goes forward with her feelings, and this stirs up unpleasant conflict and turmoil inside Taeko’s family. The film tells a love story that is so nonsensical that it’s hard to imagine a probable ending to the story.

This film is reviewed by some Japanese viewers as a “deep love story told in a light atmosphere.” Viewers are recommended to search for thoughts and sentiments they could easily relate to in this bizarre story.


Nocturnal Animals (19)

Drama, thriller/ 116/ English

Novelist Edward Sheffield, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, and Susan Morrow, played by Amy Adams, used to be deep in love. Susan’s parents, however, were never supportive of their relationship, suggesting that Edward was too incompetent for her to marry. They have always wanted their daughter to plan her future with a more capable man.

But as time passed, it grew more and more difficult for Susan to hold onto her man, and this even led her to criticize Edward’s writings. The two eventually grew apart, and their once-upon-a-time relationship came to an end after Susan has an affair.

Like her parents wanted, Susan ends up getting married to an accomplished man, but her life cannot get lonelier. Amid this empty life arrives her past lover’s new novel “Nocturnal Animals.” Instead of a sweet and sound love story, the novel is brutal and on the first page of the book reads, “For Susan.”
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