Kim Sae-ron is growing up and looking for roles

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Kim Sae-ron is growing up and looking for roles



To actress Kim Sae-ron, her role in the movie “Snowy Road” allowed her to sympathize with a young woman who was a victim of sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II in a way that she never had before.

In a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, Kim said that she got to better understand historical events after shooting the movie, and now talks with her friends about the issues. The following are excerpts from the interview.

Q. Has anything changed since you shot the movie?

A. There were many things that I knew already, but the depth of my interests has changed. When I see any article related to the issue when I am browsing on my phone, I carefully read them, and I also have discussions with my friends on the matter. I have also shared bracelets (made to financially support the victims) with my acquaintances.

What part was most difficult?

Because the subject of the story itself was a very sensitive one, so I also had to carefully pay attention. In that sense, this was the piece that I paid the most attention to out of all the works I have done so far.

Were you able to sympathize with any particular scene?

One of the stories that touched me the most in terms of acting was that Yeong-ae had become insensitive to her surroundings after she couldn’t accept her current state as she until then lived a life as a princess in a rich family. That hurt me the most.

Have you been in a situation where you become insensitive and numb?

I try not to be, but when you work in the entertainment industry, there are things you need to give up. Before, I tried to bring everything I can carry with me, but now I drop the things that clearly are not for me and move on.

Did you get along well with fellow actress Kim Hyang-gi?

We have completely differently characters. Kim is calm and quiet. But I’m more [cheerful]. I talk nonstop, and I make big gestures [while I talk]. Maybe that side of me made Kim feel a bit overwhelmed.

Do you think you now want to try out new and different characters and movies that you have not yet done?

I do want to continue doing [serious] movies like this, but I also want to do something that depicts ordinary life. I also want to do a piece that includes a story with friends or a romantic comedy.

Is there any actor you want to work with?

I have always said since I was young that I want to act as partner to actor Kim Soo-hyun. I think it will be fun to work with him. He is 12 years older than I am but I think he lives a life that is very young.

Have you gotten more interest in how you look?

I think regardless of your age, you want to look nice. But when I act, I don’t care much about how I look. I don’t want that to be a hurdle when I act. However, I have started to develop my own style, so in that sense, I have paid more attention.

How do you like working as an emcee on a music program?

The good thing is that I can be more like myself and show people who I am. And now that I lead a show in front of people, I feel more comfortable talking in front of groups of people.

Is there anything else you want to learn in the near future?

I want to study psychology. I became interested in the field after continuing to question why the characters [I play] think [in certain ways].


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