Kim Jong-un needs to be done away with

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Kim Jong-un needs to be done away with

Has anyone remembered the “Forgotten War,” or the Korean War, in which over 35,000 Americans lost their lives in additions to millions of others? And who propped up the North Koreans in order to continue a war that should have been over in the first year?

China and Russia provided all the weapons, manpower and air power. So the Chinese and Russian are not our friends, irrespective of what you hear from either. The North Koreans were brutal, massacring millions of civilians and murdering POWs.

Korea should have been united decades ago but, again the Chinese and Russians did not want it and kept it from happening.

I was in North Korea three times, first in 1952 and again in 1994 and 2004 for sports exchanges. I attended the memorial for the “Dear Leader” Kim Il Sung in 1994, and each time viewed a country in complete disarray and suffering.

A MOAB or a nuclear bomb would not change things, only make matters worse for those already suffering there. The young Kim needs to be done away with or nothing will change, except he just might get lucky and send the bomb to the U.S.

*Resident of Oklahoma City

Don E. Porter

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