[앵커브리핑] 자서전과 타서전…"이제 간극은 없기를" (Hoping for no discrepancy between autobiography and biography)

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[앵커브리핑] 자서전과 타서전…"이제 간극은 없기를" (Hoping for no discrepancy between autobiography and biography)


뉴스룸의 앵커브리핑을 시작하겠습니다.

This is today’s anchor briefing.

"산모퉁이를 돌아 논가 외딴 우물을 홀로 찾아가선 가만히 들여다봅니다"

“On my solitary way down from a rocky outcropping, I seek out a secluded well for a little peek inside.”

*secluded: 외딴

청년은 우물에 비친 얼굴을 바라보았습니다. 소망하는 나의 모습과 현실 속 나의 모습은 때론 같을 것이고. 때론 같지 않아 서글프기도 할 것입니다.

The author of this poem “Self-Portrait,” poet Yun Dong-ju, saw his face reflected face in the well. The desired reflection will sometimes be equal to your expectations, but at times, one might be distraught over the difference from their reflection and their actual self.

*reflection: (거울 속에 비친) 모습, 반사, 반영
*distraught: 심란한

하물며 내가 바라보는 나와 타인이 바라보는 나는 얼마나 다를 것인가.

The discrepancy between how people see themselves and what others see in them can be huge.

*discrepancy: 차이

"나는 광주사태 씻김굿의 제물"

“I was also the scapegoat for the shaman ritual to console the souls of the victims in the Gwangju Massacre.”

*scapegoat: 희생양, 제물

그의 자서전이 논란이었습니다.

This is a phrase from an autobiography written by former President Chun Doo Hwan, which was recently caught up in controversy.

*autobiography: 자서전

그러나 오늘(1일) 전해진 증언집 '5·18 10일간의 야전병원'은 당시, 환자들이 피 흘리며 누워있던 병원에까지 계엄군이 총기를 난사했다는 슬픈 역사를 말하고 있습니다.

However, in a collection of testimonies by residents and professors at the Chonnam National University Medical School released on May 1, the people in the hospital during the ten-day period of the massacre testified that the martial law army controlled by Chun even fired shots towards the hospital.

*martial law army: 계엄군
*collection of testimonies: 증언집

타서전… 누군가는 그의 주장을 정면으로 반박한 책을 출간했더군요. 둘 사이의 간극은 멀고도 깊었습니다.

Another biography, this time written by historians who collected more than 106 historic articles, rebutted what the former president claimed. The discrepancy between the two biographies is wide.

*rebut: 반박하다

공교롭게도 또 다른 전임 대통령 역시 같은 논란을 불러온 바 있었고, 내일 재판이 시작되는 탄핵된 대통령 또한 시민과는 아예 다른 세상을 살아가고 있었으니…

Coincidentally, another former president’s biographies – one written by Lee Myung-bak himself and one written by an author who reported on the astronomical spending during Lee’s tenure – also stirred similar controversy. The impeached president Park Geun-hye whose trial regarding bribery charges started on May 2, also led a life that was far different from an ordinary citizen’s.

*coincidentally: 공교롭게
*astronomical: 천문학적인

자신이 바라보는 나와 타인이 바라보는 나와의 간극을 좁히기란 이토록 쉽지 않은 일인가 봅니다.

Closing the gap between how one sees oneself and what others see in them doesn’t seem to be easy by any means.

극사실주의 초상화가 유행했다는 조선시대에는 세도가의 얼굴이라 해도 있는 그대로 표현하는 것이 원칙이었다 합니다.

During the Joseon Dynasty, when hyper realistic portraits were reportedly popular, it was a rule to illustrate the subjects in their actual state even if the subject was a politically powerful man.

*hyper realistic: 극사실적인

정조시대 재상 채제공의 초상화는 비뚜름한 시선. 즉, 사시가 있는 그대로 그려졌고 심지어 일국의 왕이었던 철종의 초상화도 마찬가지였습니다. 천연두 자국이나 사마귀도 있는 그대로…

The portrait of Chae Je-gong, a man who held equal power to a modern day prime minister during the ruling of King Jeongjo of Joseon, was drawn cross-eyed just like the man himself. Even King Cheoljong of Joseon was drawn with scars and warts.

*cross-eyed: 사시
*warts: 사마귀

그것은 타인에게 보이는 모습보다 스스로 보기에 부끄럽지 않음이 더 중요했다는 것이겠지요.

This was a testament to the importance of having nothing to hide, rather than being concerned with the perception of others.

"산모퉁이를 돌아 논가 외딴 우물을 홀로 찾아가선 가만히 들여다봅니다"

“On my solitary way down from a rocky outcropping, I seek out a secluded well for a little peek inside.”

젊은 시인이 부끄러워했던 것은 무엇이었을까. 그리고 정말 부끄러워야 했을 이들은 과연 어디에 있는가.

What would the young poet have been ashamed of? Moreover, where are the ones that should really be ashamed of themselves?

이제 남은 일주일… 우리는 누군가를 선택해야 하고, 그 누군가는 그보다 먼 훗날 자서전을 쓸 것이고…

Only a week remains until the presidential election, when we have to vote for one candidate, who will also write their biography in the future.

소망하건대 그 자서전은 그 뒤에 나올지도 모를 타서전과 크게 다르지 않기를… 아니 더 소망하건대 타서전은 필요 없기를…

It is my wish that the narrative of the autobiography is not too different from the narrative of a biography – no, rather, that there will be no need for a biography written by others.

오늘의 앵커브리핑이었습니다.

This is all for today’s anchor briefing.

Broadcast on May 1, 2017
Translated for May 6, 2017

Translated and edited by Kim Jung-kyoon and Brolley Genster

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