[Sponsored Report] Improving tampons for the modern woman

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[Sponsored Report] Improving tampons for the modern woman


After Dong-A Pharmaceutical launched their tampons, the company topped domestic tampon sales for seven consecutive years with its distinguished design, high-quality products, comfort and safety. [DONG-A PHARMACEUTICAL]

In 1977, Dong-A Pharmaceutical launched tampon products, and for 40 years, Dong-A Pharmaceutical has worked to continuously improve their products. This year, to celebrate its forty years in the market, Dong-A Pharmaceutical has made a huge improvement on its products’ quality and packaging. In addition, it strengthened communication with customers through talk shows and by giving out high-quality samples of its tampons.

The most common type of tampon is usually made of disposable absorbent material that is designed to absorb the flow of blood.

What motivated Dong-A Pharmaceutical to release the tampons back in the 1970s when the usage of tampons in Korea was very low was a social change occurring in South Korea. With more women joining the workforce, Dong-A Pharmaceutical believed that the usage of tampons would better fit working women’s more active lifestyles. The company believed that its products would complement the weaknesses of pads and other sanitary products.

Despite Dong-A Pharmaceutical’s keen observation, the sales of tampons did not meet its expectations. This is mostly because the Korean tampon market was in its early stages when Dong-A it first launched its tampon products. Tampons occupied only about 10 percent of the Korean sanitary product market whereas pads mostly dominated sales. However, Dong-A Pharmaceutical was able to turn the situation around as a result of its marketing effects. Emphasizing the product’s strengths, including that it allows comfort and suits an active lifestyle, Dong-A Pharmaceutical changed how people in Korea view tampons. Also, Dong-A Pharmaceutical was able to build trust with its customers with its distinguished design, high-quality products, comfort and safety.

The sales of its tampons, which were 9.6 billion in 2009, grew into 12.7 billion in 2015. For seven consecutive years, Dong-A Pharmaceutical topped domestic tampon sales.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical improved its products by broadening its lineup with new tampons in various sizes and upgrading the quality and design to maximize comfort for consumers. Also, it introduced a more slim and round plastic applicator so that consumers can easily insert and remove the tampon. Additionally, a ‘smart grip’ was added to help customers remove the applicator more comfortably. Lastly, the flower-shaped absorbent, which is made of 100 percent pure cotton, remains in close contact with the body. With its high absorption rate, it prevents leakage.
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