[앵커브리핑] “허허롭고 살기 가득한 곳”은 어디였던가 (“Full of meaningless hatred”)

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[앵커브리핑] “허허롭고 살기 가득한 곳”은 어디였던가 (“Full of meaningless hatred”)


뉴스룸의 앵커브리핑을 시작합니다.

This is today’s Anchor Briefing.

이름하여 '혼돈의 시대'

We seem to live in so-called “the age of chaos.”

법원으로부터 출판 및 배포 금지 가처분 결정을 받았던 논란의 회고록이 재출간됐습니다.

The memoir in the center of controversy was republished after its publication and distribution was temporarily banned by the court.

문제시되었던 서른세 부분은 "가처분 결정에 의해 삭제"라는 문구와 함께 모두 시커먼 잉크로 뒤덮여 있었습니다.

The 33 controversial segments of the book were coated in black ink with the words “Deleted by the court’s injunction.”

*injunction: 법원의 명령

그것은 어떠한, 이른바 정치적 탄압에도 굽히지 않겠다는 의지의 표현이었을까…

Was it a way to emphasize its unwillingness to surrender to political suppression?

*suppression: 진압

검게 칠해진 문구들은 마치 '억울'하다는 말을 세상에 내뱉고 있는 것 같았지요.

The blacked out space seems to shout, “I am a victim.”

이름도 남기지 못하고 몰래 묻혀버린 영혼들은 따로 있는데 그는 무엇이 그리도 억울했을까…

The youthful spirits who were unable to leave their records of life in the world were secretly buried in somewhere, so why does he feel ‘victimized’?

"포기하지 않겠습니다…언젠가는 반드시 진실이 밝혀질 것이라 믿기 때문입니다. 끝으로 법치의 이름을 빌린 정치 보복은 저에게서 마침표가 찍어졌으면 합니다"

“I will not give up, because I believe that there will be a day when the truth will come out of its shadows to the light. I hope that, political revenge disguised in the name of the rule of law will end with my time.”

탄핵된 대통령의 법정 발언 또한 전해졌습니다.

The impeached president’s statement at the court hearing was made public.

*impeach: 탄핵하다

무엇이 정치보복이고, 무엇이 참담하고, 비통한 것인지 설명은 어디에도 없었지만 그는 지지자들을 향해 그렇게 말했습니다.

There were no further explanations of what exactly was political retaliation, what was the tragedy, what was so miserable, but these were the words that she spoke to her supporters.

*retaliation: 보복

사임한 변호사 역시 단장의 아픔과 피를 토하는 심정을 이야기하며 법정을 '허허롭고 살기가 가득한 곳'이라 칭했습니다.

The lawyers for Park, who resigned en masse, also talked about the agony and suffering Park has to endure and commented that the court was “a place full of meaningless hatred and bloodthirstiness.”

*endure: 견디다
*bloodthirstiness: 잔인한

하긴, 헌법 재판소 심판정에서부터 이번 공판까지 급기야 전원 사퇴에 이은 보이콧까지… 그들은 한 번도 그 법정을 인정하는 것처럼 보이지 않았지요.

From the hearings at the Constitutional Court to this hearing at the Seoul Central District Court, not to mention defense lawyers’ resigning en masse and boycotting hearings … They have never really respected the court, not even once.

*boycott: 거부하다

논란의 7시간 반마저 7시간으로 줄이고 싶었던 청와대의 수장은 무엇이 그리 참담하고 비통했던 것일까.

The head of the Blue House even tried to reduce that controversial seven and half hours to seven hours. What could she possibly be so grief-stricken about?

*grief-stricken: 비탄에 빠진

사람들은 묻고 또 묻습니다.

People are asking again and again.

시민들의 희생을 딛고 군림했던 권력들의 억울함은 희생됐던 이들의 억울함에 앞서는가…

Is the suffering of authorities who ruled the government by treading on their citizens more tragic than the sacrifice of the people?

*tread: 밟다

작가 한강의 작품 <흰> 의 한 구절.

Here is a quote from the author Han Kang’s “The Elegy of Whiteness.”

"죽은 자들이 온전히 받지 못한 애도… 자신의 고국이 단 한 번도 그 일을 제대로 해내지 못했다는 사실을 깨달았다"

“The dead failed to receive full condolences. They finally realized that their mother country never accomplished its duty.”

*condolence: 애도

5월의 광주. 그리고 4월의 그 배.

Gwangju in May 1980, and the Sewol ferry in April 2014.

사람들은 봄을 빼앗겼지만 빼앗긴 봄은 온전히 애도 받지 못했으니…

The spring was taken from the people but the lost spring did not receive proper consolation for its loss.

단장의 아픔, 혹은 포기할 수 없는 진실이라는 말들은 그때 그 봄을 빼앗긴 이들에게 되돌려 주어야 할 말은 아니던가…

The expressions, such as the heartbreaking agony or the truth that cannot be abandoned, should be returned to those who lost their springs.

법정을 떠난 변호사는 그곳이 허허롭고 살기가 가득했다고 일갈했지만, 그 봄을 지나온 사람들은 그 시절이 그랬으므로…

The resigning lawyer said that the court was full of meaningless hatred and bloodthirstiness, but for those who lost their spring, it has always been like that for them.

오늘(16일)의 앵커브리핑이었습니다.

That is all for today’s Anchor Briefing.

Broadcast on October 16, 2017

Translated for October 18, 2017

Translated and edited by Lee Jae-lim and Brolley Genster
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