[앵커브리핑] “안타까운 죽음… ‘그의 가슴은 따뜻했다’” (A sorrowful death… “His chest was still warm.”)

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[앵커브리핑] “안타까운 죽음… ‘그의 가슴은 따뜻했다’” (A sorrowful death… “His chest was still warm.”)


뉴스룸의 앵커브리핑을 시작합니다.

This is today’s anchor briefing.

30년쯤 전, 11월의 쌀쌀해진 날씨 속 저는 야근 중이었습니다.

On a chilly November night about 30 years ago, I was working overtime in my office.

*overtime: 야근

대개 방송사의 야근이라는 것은 일이 있건, 없건 눈 붙이기는 쉽지 않아서 거의 밤을 새우다시피 하고 새벽녘이 되었을 때 갑작스러운 제보가 하나가 들어왔지요.

Working overtime at a broadcaster meant that whether or not there was a case to report, it was almost impossible to close one’s eyes, in case of a sudden tip. In the early morning, there was a sudden incident which I still remember vividly until this day.

*tip: 제보

올림픽대로 동작대교 부근에 봉고차가 하나 뒤집어져 있다는 것이었습니다. 급히 달려나가 보니 차량의 앞쪽은 거의 완파돼 있었고, 운전자는 현장에서 그만 사망한 뒤였습니다.

It was reported that a van had turned upside down on the Olympic highway near the Dongjak Bridge. When I hastily arrived at the scene, the front of the car was already crushed from a collision with a 1-ton truck, making it impossible to distinguish the original shape of the van. The driver had died on the spot.

*hastily: 급히
*collision: 충돌

때가 김장철이어서 그런지 봉고차와 부딪힌 1톤 트럭에 실려 있던 배추가 사방으로 흩어져 더욱 정신이 산란했던 그 새벽…

Since it was the season to make kimchi for the winter, the 1-ton truck was filled with napa cabbage, but after the crash, the cabbage was scattered all over the road, creating a chaotic look at the scene.

문제는 사망한 운전자의 신원을 알아내야 기사를 쓸 터인데 아무리 뒤져봐도 그 상황에서 그를 알아낼 단서는 찾기 어려웠습니다.

The problem was that I needed to confirm the identity of the driver to write the article, but it was hard to find a clue.

그래서 망설임 끝에 그의 안주머니에 손을 넣어 면허증을 찾던 순간, 저는 놀라지 않을 수 없었습니다.

So after some hesitation, I fumbled across the driver’s chest pocket to find his ID card, and at that instant I could not help but be surprised.

*fumble: 더듬거리다

그의 가슴은 아직도 따뜻했기 때문입니다.

Because his chest was still warm.

주소지가 은평구 수색동으로 돼 있던 그는 불과 몇 분 전까지만 해도 가슴이 따뜻하게 뛰던 누군가의 가족…

The card indicated that he lived in Susaek-dong, Eunpyeong District. This man whose heart was beating just a few minutes prior had a home in Susaek-dong and was part of a family.

삶과 죽음의 경계는 그렇게 찰나인 것이어서 허망하기도 하고 또한 두렵기도 한 것…

The boundary between life and death is so precarious, and it is futile to make attempts to avoid death, which is the reason why it is so terrifying…

*precarious: 위태로운, 불안정한
*futile: 헛된
*attempt: 시도

저는 다른 이의 그 엄숙한 경계선에 서서 단지 기껏 그의 신원을 알아내려고만 온갖 방도를 찾고 있었던 것이지요.

I was standing in the way of that person’s solemn boundary between life and death, merely doing what I could to find out his identity.

*solemn: 엄숙한

그리고 오늘 한 사람의 배우가 세상을 떠났습니다.

And today, one man – an actor - left the world of the living.

그는 마침 얼마 전에는 저널리즘을 다룬 드라마에 출연해서 그 나름의 철학이 있는 연기를 보여주어서 비록 그것이 드라마이고 또 연기였다고는 해도 저희 같은 사람들에게는 일종의 연대감도 생겼던 터….

Just a month ago he appeared in a drama about the world of journalism and played a meaningful role as an anchor reporter, shrewdly depicting the anguish a journalist goes through when his conviction and the reality of the media collides. Although it was only a drama and he was only an actor, he gave people like us a sense of solidarity.

*shrewd: 예리한
*anguish: 괴로움
*solidarity: 연대감

그의 안타까운 죽음을 놓고 겨우 몇 번째 순서에 얼마큼 보도할 것인가를 고민해야 하는 착잡한 오늘….

I have mixed feelings while comptemplating how to construct a report about his regretful death, when all of us are mourning the fallen actor.

굳이 그의 신원을 알기 위해서 안주머니에 손을 넣을 필요는 없지만 그래도… 그의 가슴이 따뜻하리라는 것은 우리 모두가 알 수 있는 오늘….

I do not need to fumble over his chest to find out his identity, but I am aware, and we all know for sure that his chest was radiating warmth, during his life and even after his death.

*radiate: 내뿜다


That is all for today’s Anchor Briefing.

Broadcast on October 30, 2017

Translated for November 1, 2017

Translated and edited by Lee Jae-lim and Brolley Genster
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