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Justice League (12)

Action, adventure, SF/170/English

“They said the age of heroes would never come again.”

After seeing Superman’s sacrifice, Bruce Wayne, with his faith in humanity fully restored, asks for help from his newfound ally Diana Prince to form a team against a greater threat. Batman and Wonder Woman gather Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash to form the superhero team, but the catastrophe at hand may be too much even for this band of heroes.

The film is the fifth installment of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), and includes Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flash and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

Home Again (15)

Drama, comedy, romance/97/English

After separating from her husband, Alice moves to L.A. with her two daughters to get a fresh start on her single life. She tries to make a comeback as an interior designer, but it doesn’t turn out the way she expected. On her 40th birthday, Alice tries to have fun by having a night-out with her friends and runs into three men - Harry, Teddy and George - who are all filmmakers needing a place to stay.

Alice reluctantly agrees to let them stay at her house temporarily, since she has guestrooms available to accommodate them.

At first, she feels uncomfortable having three strange men in her house, but the three men start to take care of the house and her children while she is busy at work. Their presence slowly mends the gaps of her life and without realizing it, she begins to rely on them.

Alice is played by actress Reese Witherspoon, known for the “Legally Blonde” series (2001) and “This Means War” (2012).


Close-Knit (12)

Drama, family/127/Japanese

An 11-year-old girl named Tomo is abandoned by her mother, who leaves home now and then in search of love. Often neglected by her mother, Tomo visits her uncle Makio and his transgender girlfriend, Rinko.

The three gradually become a family, and Tomo feels that she finally belongs somewhere, living typical but happy days with her uncle and his girlfriend.

She finds small happiness in her new life, such as Makio and Rinko making her cute, cat-shaped rice balls and octopus-shaped sausages for her lunch and Rinko tying her hair every day while Makio says goodbye to them as he heads to work. Rinko and Tomo especially become good friends, and Rinko, more than anything else in the world, hopes to become a good mother for Tomo.

But the prejudice and stereotypes surrounding Rinko may make it difficult for her to do so.

Battle of the Sexes (15)


“I’m not saying that women don’t belong on the court. Who would pick up the balls otherwise?”

In 1973, when everything is changing, the world’s top-ranked women’s tennis player, Billie Jean King, decides to boycott the Tennis Association after learning that women receive much less prize money than men.

She then forms the Women’s Tennis Association and finds sponsors to fund the new organization along with her fellow female tennis stars of the day. They establish their own tournaments and get attention from tennis fans and media all around the world, becoming the talk of the sports world.

Meanwhile, former Wimbledon champion Bobby Riggs keeps his eye on Billie Jean King, and knows that beating King in a tennis match would be a way to get the spotlight and regain his lost fame.

King, on the other hand, realizes that this match will be her only chance to change the way that people think about women’s tennis players and make her mark in sports history.

Billie Jean King is played by Emma Stone, who has appeared in 2012’s “The Amazing Spider Man” series and “La La Land” (2016).


In This Corner of the World (12)


Suzu is an ordinary girl who loves her peaceful little neighborhood called Eba in Hiroshima. She loves to draw her surroundings and lives every day with a passion for life. One day after she turns 18, a young navy sailor named Shusaku proposes to Suzu and she accepts, and the newlywed couple moves to join Shusaku’s family in Kure, a large naval port city 15 miles away from Hiroshima. While the couple adjusts to life in Kure, the Pacific War slowly creeps upon their lives and their families.

The film is set in the 1930’s and 40’s, depicting the natural and peaceful surroundings of pre-war Hiroshima, which stand in stark contrast to the cruel scenes of war often associated with the city. The animated film captures the picturesque landscape of Hiroshima, based on thorough research by the production staff.

Audiences will be able to experience and admire the traditional culture and peaceful atmosphere of pre-war Hiroshima, and will be reminded once again of the tragedies of the war which changed the innocent lives of Hiroshima forever.

A Family Man (12)


Headhunter Dane Jensen works at a cutthroat firm. Totally immersed in his work, he has neglected his family for a while, with his wife complaining that he only comes home to sleep.

However, Dane can’t stop now, as he is facing a promotion and must beat his rival to rise to the top.

But everything changes when he gets a call and learns that his son Ryan has lost consciousness and was also diagnosed with cancer.

Caught between achieving his dreams and taking care of his family, which now needs him more than ever, Dane must make a choice.

The goal-driven headhunter is played by Gerard Butler, who has received acclaim for his roles in “300” (2006), “P.S. I Love You” (2007), and “The Ugly Truth” (2009). He also recently starred as a scientist in the movie “Geostorm” (2017).


A Special Lady (18)

Crime, action/91/Korean

Na is a criminal mastermind who raised her gang from nothing to a powerful financial enterprise.

After finishing her final project, she wants to retire and live a quiet, normal life. However, Im, her most loyal servant who completes every mission he is given, obsesses over her and is afraid that he will lose her if she retires.

Meanwhile, the star prosecutor Choi, who has been investigating Na’s enterprise, falls into her trap when she catches him having an affair. Choi finds out that she possesses a video recording of his affair, which Na uses to threaten Choi.

She tells him to halt his investigation into her company. Furious over the fact that Na knows his ultimate weakness, Choi seeks revenge.

When he finds out that Im also has mixed feelings of love and hate towards Na, he tries to maneuver Im to take actions in his place. There will only be one winner from this battle.

This is one of the first female noir films in Korea. Na is played by veteran actress Kim Hye-soo, while actor Lee Sun-gyun plays the role of Im, the obsessed servant.

Kim is well-known for her appearances in a number of big-name films and TV series such as the “Familyhood” (2016), “Coinlocker Girl” (2014) and “The Thieves” (2012). She also starred in the 2016 mega-hit TV series “Signal.”

Lee is know for his appearances on TV series such as “My Wife is Having an Affair This Week” (2016), “Golden Time”(2012) and “Pasta” (2010) and the movies “All About My Wife” (2012) and “A Hard Day” (2013).
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