[앵커브리핑] ‘스튜핏’이라 말할 수 있을까… (Can we say that it is “stupid?”)

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[앵커브리핑] ‘스튜핏’이라 말할 수 있을까… (Can we say that it is “stupid?”)


뉴스룸의 앵커브리핑을 시작합니다.

This is today’s Anchor Briefing.

그뤠잇! 방송인 김생민 씨는 연신 외쳤습니다.

“Great!” is what entertainer Kim Saeng-min often shouts.

규칙은 간단합니다. 시청자의 영수증을 분석해 잘한 소비에는 '그뤠잇'을, 부적절한 소비에는 '스튜핏'을 외치는 프로그램.

The rules are simple here. After analyzing a viewer’s receipts, the show host shouts “Great” for appropriate spending and “Stupid” if the spending is inappropriate.

*inappropriate: 부적절한

그의 앞에 펼쳐진 한 시청자의 영수증은 그야말로 '그뤠잇'의 성찬이었습니다.

Kim liked one viewer’s receipts so much that he continuously complimented the man’s spending, showering him with “Great”s .

직장에서 퇴근한 뒤에는 식당의 고기 불판을 닦고 주말에는 건어물 포장 아르바이트를 한다는 그의 영수증은 근면함과 절약 정신으로 가득했지요.

After he got off from work, the man went straight to a restaurant to clean grills as a part time job, and on the weekends he would package dried fish as another part time job. His expenditures proved his diligence and frugality.

*expenditure: 지출
*frugality: 절약

그러나 연신 '그뤠잇'을 외치던 김생민 씨는 당황했습니다.

However, Kim looked suddenly taken back when he came across one item from the receipt.

*taken back: 당황하다

천 원짜리 복권… 쓰리잡을 뛰며 일해 온 그가 매일 복권을 한 장씩 구입하고 있었던 것입니다.

It was a 1,000 won lottery ticket… The man who was running three jobs, who worked so hard to save up his money, was buying one lottery ticket every day.

물론 복권을 구입한 사람들은 비단 그 시청자뿐만은 아니었습니다.

Of course, he isn’t the only person who buys lottery tickets.

복권 판매액이 지난해 역대 최고치를 기록해 4조 원을 돌파했다는 기사. 복권 판매액은 매년 기록을 갈아치우며 증가세를 보이고 있었습니다.

I saw an article which said that last year’s sales of lottery tickets went over four trillion won, reaching an all-time high record, and that every year it was breaking the previous year’s record and showing increases in sales.

사람들은 그것이 허황되다는 사실을 알면서도 한편으로는 그래도 혹여나…하는 일확천금의 꿈을 꾸고 있었던 것이지요.

Although people know that it is a hollow dream, on the other hand they are thinking “what if…” and continue to dream of making a fortune from one ticket.

*hollow: 허황된

요즘 세간의 시선은 바로 이곳으로 몰려있습니다.

Nowadays the world’s attention is centered here.

"물려받을 재산이 없는 흙수저가 재산을 불릴 수 있는 유일한 돌파구"

“[Bitcoin is] the only breakthrough for those born with a dirt spoon in their mouths who have no properties to inherit to enrich themselves.”

*breakthrough: 돌파구

한 청년이 했다는 말입니다. 가상화폐 거래소 폐쇄마저 고려하겠다는 정부의 움직임에 청원은 빗발치고 국정 지지율마저 영향을 받았다고 하죠. 세상은 그 바람의 근원이 무엇인가를 함께 고민해야 할 시점에 이르렀습니다.

This is an inspiring quote from a young man. The government’s mixed messages about considering shutting down cryptocurrency trade exchanges in Korea brought high tides of petitions that objected against the decision, and it is said that the message even affected the approval rating of the Moon Jae-in administration. Now the time has come to think about the reasons behind this frenzy.

*frenzy: 광란

급등과 급락을 반복하고 일각에서는 '한탕주의'라는 우려와 비난마저 나오고 있다지만… 여기에는 흙수저와 금수저라는 사회구조적인 문제까지 맞물려 모두를 고민에 빠뜨리고 있는 난제 중 난제.

Currently the market for bitcoin looks unstable, facing dramatic ups and downs while some criticize society for getting caught up in “get-rich-quick fever.” To complicate the matters even further, sociologists and economists have pointed out that the very reason behind this craze over cryptocurrencies goes back to society’s problematic social structure, having no middle ground between those born with gold spoons in their mouths and those born with dirt spoons.

이른바 쓰리잡을 하며, 돈을 모으는 한편 매일 한 장씩 천 원짜리 복권을 구입했던 시청자. 그의 영수증을 바라보던 김생민 씨는 결국 판단을 유보했습니다.

Saving money by working three jobs, the man also buys a lottery ticket that costs him 1,000 won every day. Kim looked at the client’s receipts for a long time and finally deferred his judgment.

*defer: 유보하다

성실히 모은다 한들, 쉽사리 모아지지 않는 청년의 현실. 물려받은 돈 대신 일확천금이라도 꿈꾸어보고 싶은 기대를 그가 모르지 않았기 때문입니다.

Kim knew that no matter how earnestly the man saves up, the money would never be enough nor turn into a large fortune. And if buying lottery tickets brings exhilaration to the man and allows him escape from his harsh reality, he knows that it is not in his place to judge that spending as “stupid.”

*exhilaration: 흥분

오늘의 앵커브리핑이었습니다.

That is all for today’s Anchor Briefing.

그리고 오늘의 사족입니다. 그럼에도 불구하고… 이렇게만 앵커브리핑을 끝내기가 너무나 개운치 못한 것은 다음과 같은 주장 또한 귓가를 떠나지 않기 때문입니다.

And this is today’s footnote. I find it hard to end today’s briefing like this because one quote keeps ringing through my mind:

"가상화폐의 시장은 흙수저의 돈을 빼앗아 흙수저에게 몰아주는 구조다"

- 홍기훈 홍익대 교수 (경항신문/1월 15일)

“The cryptocurrency market is that of an economic structure of taking away the money from those born with a dirt spoon in their mouths and giving it away to others born with a dirt spoon in their mouths.”

- From Professor Hong Ki-hoon, Hongik University (Kyunghyang Sinmun, Jan. 15)

Broadcast on January 15, 2018

Translated for January 16, 2018

Translated and edited by Lee Jae-lim and Brolley Genster.

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