[앵커브리핑] '여객기 조종은 자동차 운전보다 쉽다? (Is flying an airplane easier than driving a car? )

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[앵커브리핑] '여객기 조종은 자동차 운전보다 쉽다? (Is flying an airplane easier than driving a car? )


뉴스룸의 앵커브리핑을 시작하겠습니다.
This is today’s anchor briefing.

'김 여사의 주차신공'
“There goes Kim-yeosa, or Mrs. Kim”  

운전 실력이 미숙하거나 예의 없는 운전자가 보이면 무조건 중년여성이라 단정했던 유행어가 한 때 있었죠.

This misogynistic stereotype that generalized all clumsy drivers as middle-aged women was once a cliche.

*misogynistic: 여성혐오의 *stereotype: 편견 *generalize: 일반화하다

통계만 찾아봐도 주장은 맞지 않았습니다.
However, this argument is not the case, as proven by statistics.

* statistics: 통계학

주변 운전자의 짜증을 유발하고 심지어 사고까지 일으키는 운전자의 성별은 남녀를 가리지 않았으니까요.
Those who caused car accidents were not only women. It didn’t matter whether the driver was male or female, as car accidents didn’t favor a particular gender.

쉬워 보이는 운전이라 해도 결코 쉬운 것이 아니며 남녀를 불문하고 아무나 쉽게 하면 안 된다는 이야기.

Basically, just because driving on the road seems to be a piece of cake, it doesn’t mean that anybody, regardless of their gender, can drive with ease.

* piece of cake: 식은죽 먹기

그러면 비행기의 조종은 어떨까…

Then what about flying airplanes?

"자동차 운전보다 더 쉽다" 이렇게 단언한 사람이 있었습니다.

There was one person who argues that “flying an airplane is easier than driving a car.”

덧붙이기를…"조종사는 GO, NO GO만 결정하면 된다" 고 할 정도로 그에게 여객기 운항이란 만만한 작업이었던 모양입니다.
According to him, flying an airplane is not a big deal, as “auto-pilot only needs to make the GO or NO GO decision.”

"도착 즉시 회장님 사진 가방을 대기 중인 지상 직원에게 넘길 것"
- 대한항공 제주지점 교신

“Once the chairman lands [at the airport], immediately hand over his photo bag to the ground crew on standby.”
An order sent through the radio to Korean Air workers at Jeju Airport

그의 말대로 하자면 땅콩 포장 때문에 비행기를 돌려세우거나 승객을 잔뜩 태운 채 운행 중인 부기장에게 총수일가의 사적인 심부름 문제로 30여 분씩 무전을 하는 행태는 어찌 보면 매우 당연해 보이기도 합니다.
In his view, it seems quite justifiable for the chaebol family to abuse their powers. This was evident in the “nut rage” incident, when the eldest daughter lashed out for being served nuts in a package and ordered a taxiing plane to return to its gate. This was also seen when a busy co-pilot had to attend to the family’s personal errands through the radio communication, which continued for 30 minutes, and it did not matter that the passengers were forced to wait.

그러나 또한 그의 말대로 하자면 여객기 엔진이 폭발했음에도 불구하고 침착하게 승객 대부분의 생명을 구한 미국 항공사 기장의 존재감은 또 어떻게 설명할 수 있을까…
If we accept his characterization of pilots, how can we explain about the presence of an American pilot, who remained completely calm after an engine exploded in flight, and saved many lives?

* calm: 침착한

사과문은 열흘이 지난 어제(22일), 발표됐습니다.

He issued the official apology yesterday (April 22), 10 days after the “water rage” was reported.

문제가 된 당사자는 물론 집행유예 와중에 복귀한 장녀까지 물러난다는 결정.
The apology stated that the chairman’s eldest daughter, who is still on probation but restored her executive position, as well as the “water rage” second daughter, will be discharged.

* probation: 집행유예

4년 전, 당시의 글을 복사라도 한 듯이 두 개의 사과문은 똑같이 닮아있었습니다.

This apology seems to be an exact copy of an apology issued four years ago.

그래서 이 사과문은 특히나 대한항공 내에서는 믿지 않는다면서요.

That is why the people who work at Korean Air do not take this apology sincerely.

그들이 자동차 운전보다 쉽다고 말한 여객기 운항.

The chairman argued that flying an airplane is easier than driving a car.

따지고 보면 가장 쉬웠던 것은 항공사의 오너 노릇이 아니었을까…

But rather, it seems that working as the owner of an airline requires even less effort.

그들은 단지 총수와 그 가족이라는 이유만으로 대형 국적기의 운영자라는 자리를 물려주고 물려받았으며 이미 땅콩회항으로 만천하에 드러난 이른바 갑질을 포기하지 않았습니다.

They were able to easily inherit their ownership of a large airline only because they were owner’s family members. It didn’t matter whether the media pointed fingers at them for the nut rage incident -- there was no need for them to stop abusing their power.

* point fingers at~: ~를 비난하다

귀를 찢는 폭언과 낚아채고 밀쳐내는 폭행으로 대한민국의 거대 국적사가 돌아갔다면 세상에 그보다 쉬운 오너 노릇이 어디에 또 있을까…

Where else in the world would the family members of a conglomerate owner abuse their company’s workers verbally and physically?

'김여사의 주차 신공…'

“There goes Kim-yeosa, or Mrs. Kim”  

세상은 근거도 없이 중년의 여성운전자를 폄하했지만 항공사 회장도 인정한 바… 자동차 운전은 비행기 조종보다 더 어려운 것…
Though middle-aged female drivers have been disparaged, as this large airline’s chairman admitted, driving a car would be harder than flying an airplane.

게다가 다른 운전자에게 욕도 안하고 삿대질도 안했으며 난폭운전은 꿈도 못 꾸는 김여사들이라면 이제는 최소한 비아냥의 대상은 아니지 않을까…

At the very least, the middle-aged women, who are belittled for their poor driving skills, do not inflict verbal or physical violence on other drivers. The sarcasm should be redirected to different parties.

* belittle: 하찮게 만들다 *inflict violence: 폭력을 행사하다

오늘의 앵커브리핑이었습니다.
That is all for today’s anchor briefing.

Broadcast on April 23, 2018

Edited and translated by Lee Jeong-hyun and Brolley Genster
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