Park Kyung makes a solo return : Block B singer’s latest song ‘Instant,’ touches on modern challenges

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Park Kyung makes a solo return : Block B singer’s latest song ‘Instant,’ touches on modern challenges


Singer Park Kyung from the boy band Block B released his latest single “Instant” on Friday. [SEVEN SEASONS]

Instant food, short-lived trends and hook-up culture are things that most of us have grown used to. While convenience and instant gratification have become the norm, many complain about the lack of fulfilment and the emptiness it brings.

Singer Park Kyung of the boy band Block B touches on these feelings and addresses on the modern lifestyle on his most recent solo single, “Instant.”

Released Friday, the song - which Park wrote, composed and produced - touches on the sense of emptiness the instant lifestyle begets. The alternative funk track takes sonic inspiration from acts like Jamiroquai and compares the feeling of futility of the lifestyle to the insatiable hunger that one has when eating a diet of endless instant food.

The song also talks about the quick formation and subsequent conclusion of many modern relationships. Though modern life may be fast and more convenient, Park says in his lyrics, “I can’t seem to get used to it.”

As a member of Block B, which made their debut in 2011, Park has become known for penning some of the group’s hit songs like “Yesterday.”

Park has released three singles prior to this one, including “Inferiority Complex” and “Ordinary Love,” and has appeared on the tvN reality show “Hot Brain: Problematic Men” (2015-present).

“I’m so happy to be able to release another solo single,” said Park during an interview held in Apgujeong-dong, southern Seoul, on Friday. “While there is a special [album] concept for Block B, I did the kind of music I had wanted to do with this single.”

With the 25-year-old’s first solo release in over a year, Park did his best to create a new image for himself.

“By my standards, I don’t think I’m young anymore. My personality has changed [over the years], and I thought I did [enough] of that type of music,” said Park, talking about his history of love songs and being portrayed as cute. “I wanted to challenge myself with something I had not tried.”

His decision to not include a repetitive chorus, which usually makes a song addictive, was part of the challenge.

He was “focused on the kind of music I wanted to do instead of trying too hard to appeal for popularity.”

“I thought a lot of people would be able to sympathize with the lyrics. By ‘instant,’ I mean a lot of things, including food, work and relationships. These days, things change very quickly, and that is what people pursue,” Park said. “With this track, I hope people realize that Park Kyung not only writes songs about love.”

Park hoped to work with a lesser known musician instead of a famous star and invited singer Sumin to join him as the featured artist on the song.

“Not only she is very talented, these days I prefer to work with upcoming musicians. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to be the first [well-known artist] to collaborate with them.”

In his eighth year as a professional musician, Park has come to see his biggest strength to be his unique voice.

“Based on my voice, I’m neither a vocalist nor a rapper. There is something unique about my voice that falls in the middle of the two.”

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