[앵커브리핑] 'MB와 운칠기삼' (“MB and his Unchil Gisam.”)

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[앵커브리핑] 'MB와 운칠기삼' (“MB and his Unchil Gisam.”)

Broadcasted on Oct. 8, 2018
Translated by Jeong Ju-won and Edited by James Constant


뉴스룸의 앵커브리핑을 시작합니다.

This is today’s anchor briefing.

"운칠기삼의 정치인"

“A politician with Unchil Gisam (70 percent luck and 30 percent talent)"

지난 2007년 대선을 앞두고 이명박 후보를 따라다닌 별칭이었습니다. 기억하시는 것처럼 그는 당시 BBK와 도곡동 땅 차명소유를 비롯한 각종 의혹에 휩싸여 있었지요. 그러나 주요 고비마다 국민의 눈과 귀를 사로잡는 굵직한 사건들은 이어졌습니다.

This was the nickname of presidential candidate Lee Myung-bak during his 2007 presidential campaign. As many remember, during his presidential campaign, Lee was embroiled in suspicions that blamed him for the BBK stock manipulation case and ownership of land in Dogok-dong, southern Seoul, under a borrowed name. However, whenever Lee faced a predicament, a new shocking political scandal broke out, which diverted the ears and eyes of the public away from Lee.

*embroil: 휘말리게 하다

그해 7월에 발생한 아프가니스탄 피랍사태는 물론이고 곧이어 남북정상회담이 열린다는 소식이 전해졌고, 추석 명절 직전엔 이른바 신정아 스캔들로 나라가 떠들썩했습니다. 이어서 삼성 비자금 의혹이 폭로되었고. 대선을 2주일 앞두고 검찰은 BBK 의혹에 대해 '혐의없음'을 발표했습니다.

In July 2007, Korean missionaries were taken hostage in Afghanistan by the Taliban. Soon afterwards, news about an inter-Korean summit reached the public. Right before the Chuseok holidays that year, the whole nation gave their undivided attention to the Shin Jeong-ah scandal. Allegations about Samsung’s alleged slush funds were reported as well. Two weeks before the presidential election, prosecutors cleared Lee’s name in the BBK stock manipulation case.

* missionary: (외국에 파견되는) 선교사 * undivided: 분리[분할]되지 않은

탈레반의 신앙인 이슬람교. 신정아 씨 사건에 얽힌 불교. 이 후보의 독실한 신앙인 개신교까지. 이른바 3대 종교가 후보를 돕고 있다는 농담마저 세간에 퍼지게 되었을 정도니까요. 이쯤 되면. 운칠기삼. 즉 운이 7이고, 재주는 3이어도 된다는 그 행운의 법칙이 들어맞는다 해도 과언은 아니었을 겁니다. 그는 결국 소원하던 대로 대통령이 되었으니까요.

The Taliban’s religion is Islam. Buddhism is related to the Shin Jeong-ah scandal and Christianity is the religion that Lee Myung-bak piously believes in. A joke that said that all three religions were helping Lee become president soon became the talk of the town. At this point, his nickname – the politician with Unchil Gisam (70 percent luck and 30 percent talent) – is no exaggeration. Unchil Gisam means that success requires 70 percent luck and 30 percent talent. As history shows, he eventually became the president like he had always wished to be.

* exaggeration: 과장

그리고 10년이 넘는 세월을 돌고 돌아서. 그를 둘러싼 사건을 두고. 똑같은 단어가 다시 등장했습니다. "MB 수사를 돌아보면 운칠기삼" 이었다. 자칫 흐지부지될 뻔 했던 전직 대통령 수사가 줄줄이 이어진 측근들의 자수로 인해서 급물살을 타게 되었다는 것. 또한 검찰은 압수수색의 그 순간에 결정적 증거인 '엠비 메모'를 입에 넣은 채 씹고 있었던 이팔성 전 회장을 말리는 과정에서 수사관이 손가락을 물렸던 웃지못할 상황을 전해주기도 했습니다.

A decade later, the same law of luck is now being used to explain the events transpiring with former President Lee Myung-bak (MB). “MB’s investigation could be explained [in one phrase]: Unchil Gisam.” The investigation of the former president could have easily fizzled out if there were not consecutive confessions from Lee’s confidants and aides. The investigation even left a sorry tale of the former Chairman of Woori Financial Group Lee Pal-sung, who was in the midst of chewing the “MB Memo” - crucial evidence in the investigation – when police investigators came to his house with a search warrant. He apparently tried to bite off an investigator’s finger when they tried to stop him from destroying the evidence.

* consecutive: 연이은

'운칠기삼' 이라는 단어. 그 말에 따르면 운은 하늘에서 주어지는 것이라는데 3대 종교가 모두 나서 도왔다던 그가 받았던 그 운이 바르게 쓰여졌다면, 아니 바르게 쓰이지 못했다면. 뒤늦게라도 그것을 바로잡는 것 역시 하늘에서 주어진 그 무엇이었을까. 한때 진정으로 운이 좋았다고 평가되던 그에게 내려진 너무나도 뒤늦은 판결. 불공정한 것 같지만 결국은 공정해지는 운칠기삼의 신묘한 법칙.

According to the phrase Unchil Gisam, the gods from above were the ones who bestowed luck on us. The gods from three different religions, who bestowed former President Lee with luck, have also the responsibility to forfeit it if not used correctly. Lee, who was once deemed a lucky politician, is finally faced with his belated punishment. The mysterious Unchil Gisam law, which seemed unfair at first, has now been revealed to be just after all.

*bestow: 수여[부여]하다 *belated: 뒤늦은

오늘의 앵커브리핑이었습니다.

That is today’s anchor briefing.

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