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[National Treasure] Historical artifacts with detailed information


Name: Silver Bracelets of the Queen Consort of King Muryeong
Period: Baekje
Location: Gongju, South Chungcheong
Status: National Treasure No. 160

This pair of silver bracelets, excavated from the wooden coffin of the Queen Consort of King Muryeong, the 25th King of Baekje, has outer diameters of 8 centimeters (3.14 inches) and ring diameters of 1.1 centimeters.

The inside of the bracelets, where the object touches the wrist, is inlayed with carved patterns.

Two three-legged dragons are carved on the outer surface of the bracelets.

Though the dragons are not very elaborate, they look powerful enough to go well with the thick bracelets.

The phrase “Gyeongjanyeon Irwol Dari Jak Daebuingu Ibaeksejui” is carved on the inner surface of one of the two bracelets.

Here, the term “Gyeongjanyeon” means 520, the year of the objects manufacture.

That means these bracelets were made six years before the death of the Queen Consort.

“Dari” is the name of the craftsman who made the bracelets.

“Daebuin” most likely refers to the Queen Consort, and “Ibaeksejui” refers to the weight of the bracelets.

These are the only ornaments with a phrase engraved on them, detailing the exact production date and craftsperson. This makes them valuable for ancient Korean art studies.
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