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2019.6.4 Museums & Galleries


Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Nowon District

Through Sunday
: With works by 13 teams of artists, “Web-Retro” looks back on the history of new art that used the internet as a social platform, artistic medium or source of inspiration over the last three decades since the web was launched. In accordance with the theme, most of the displayed artworks can also be viewed online by clicking their links on the exhibition’s web page (http://web-retro.kr).

Yet seeing the exhibit in person adds elements of fun because the audience can operate and view each work on a personal computer monitor from the time each piece was created.

Tickets are free. Get off at Junggye Station, line No. 7, exit 3 and walk five minutes.

(02) 2124-5269, sema.seoul.go.kr or http://web-retro.kr


Gallery Hyundai, Jongno District

Through June 16
: To celebrate its upcoming 50th anniversary in 2020, Gallery Hyundai looks back at the history of Korean art. It started with the two masters who developed the tradition of East Asian ink paintings of landscapes from the mid-20th century. While paintings by Lee Sang-beom (1897-1972) sit in the peaceful serenity of the main gallery, the stronger strokes by Byeon Gwan-sik (1899-1976) awe visitors in the new space.

A total of 100 works by the two artists - 50 each from Lee and Byeon, ranging from their earlier works to pieces finished just months before their deaths - are displayed, including Lee’s signature “Returning at Dawn” (1945) and “Forest Covered in Thick Fog” (1968), as well as Byeon’s “Samseonam Hermitage in Outer Mt. Geumgang in Autumn” (1959) and his “Late Autumn of Nakdong River” (1971).

Tickets are 5,000 won ($4.20) for adults. Get off at Anguk Station, line No. 3, exit 1, and walk for 10 minutes.

(02) 2287-3500, www.galleryhyundai.com


Kukje Gallery, Jongno District

Through June 30
: The solo show of the famous Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone is taking place in the K2 and K3 spaces of the gallery. In K3, a single work is installed: “The Sun.” This sculpture, which looks like a giant golden ring balancing vertically on the floor, was originally constructed using bent tree branches the artist gathered, cast in bronze and then gilded. It looks like the combination of a great gate and a sundial to suggest passage through time and space. In the K2 gallery, the artist presents a site-specific installation composed of three works. Among them is “Primordial” (2016), 52 pieces of life-sized, hand-sculpted fish cast in bronze that hang from the ceiling. They appear to be swimming in the air.

“The works share the artist’s sensitive approach to materials and his commitment to exploring the role of nature in shaping the human experience,” the gallery said in a statement. Rondinone himself was quoted by the gallery as saying, “Like a diarist, I record the living universe; this sun, this cloud, this rain, this tree, this animal, this season, this day, this hour, this wind, this kind of earth, this kind of water, this sound in the grass, this pitch of wind, this silence.”

Tickets are free. Go to Anguk Station, line No. 3, exit 1 and walk 10 minutes.

(02) 735-8449, www.kukjegallery.com


Kumho Museum of Art, Jongno District

Through June 30
: To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the museum, the Kumho Museum of Art has launched a massive three-month project to showcase works by the nearly 70 artists it has supported.

Since 2004, the museum - which is sponsored by the Kumho Asiana Cultural Foundation - has selected emerging artists under the age of 35 each year to sponsor their solo shows as part of their “Kumho Young Artist” program. Now the museum is holding group shows to look back on their history, as well as the history of contemporary Korean art.

Through June, the museum will display works of around 20 of these past “young artists,” bringing the total number of featured artists to 66, excluding three artists who are currently inactive.

The second part started on April 30 and runs through May 26. The participants are 23 artists, including Chung So-young, Guem Min-jeong, Jo Jong-sung, Lee Hyung-wook and Lee So-jeong.

Tickets are 4,000 won. Get off at Anguk Station, line No. 3, exit 1 and walk for 10 minutes.

(02) 720-5114, www.kumhomuseum.com


MMCA Seoul, Jongno District

Through July 28
: This exhibition focuses on data, “which is the most familiar form of digital information and which seems to be neutral but is in fact not neutral,” according to the MMCA. Ten teams of artists show their different approaches to data in this show.

For example, Forensic Architecture, a team of artists, scientists, journalists and others based at Goldsmiths, University of London, present video pieces that are part of the team’s ongoing project that traces and reconstructs the history of violence on a Palestinian Bedouin village with all kinds of data and information it has collected.

Tickets are 4,000 won for adults. Go to Anguk Station, line No. 3, exit 1 and walk for 10 minutes.

(02) 3701-9500, www.mmca.go.kr


Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Jung District

Through Aug.18
: The exhibition features hundreds of original drawings from the Animation Research Library of Disney studio. The largest exhibition that Disney has ever presented in Korea features 100 years of work, from the early days of Mickey Mouse to today. Visitors to the exhibition will also get a sneak peek at “Frozen 2,” which is set to hit theaters this winter.

Throughout the exhibit, there are video clips showing how illustrators began drawing on paper and how the industry has evolved to 3-D technologies that preserve artists’ works stroke by stroke.

Tickets are 15,000 won for adults. Go to Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, lines No. 2, 4 and 5, exit 1.

(02) 577-8415, www.ddp.or.kr

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