Chungha is ‘Flourishing’ on her latest EP

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Chungha is ‘Flourishing’ on her latest EP


Chungha performs her song, “Snapping,” for the first time on Monday afternoon at Mary Hall on the campus of Sogang University, western Seoul, during a showcase for her fourth EP, “Flourishing.” The EP was released on Monday evening. [YONHAP]

It’s been two years since she made her debut, but each day feels like the very first for Chungha, the singer said on Monday during a showcase held for her fourth EP, titled “Flourishing,” at Mary Hall on the campus of Sogang University, western Seoul.

“It’s been a year since I held a showcase for a new song after my last EP ‘Blooming,’” the singer said. “It’s amazing to think that I’ve now released my fourth EP. But I feel so fresh, like I’ve been reborn.”

Chungha debuted in 2017 after she won a slot in the project girl group I.O.I, which came as a result of cable channel Mnet’s idol audition program “Produce 101” in 2016. The former members of I.O.I are an “inseparable part” of her, but she’s still determined to make her fans proud, as a singer whose songs are worth listening to at any time of the year.

“In the music video [for lead single ‘Snapping’], I use fencing swords and wear a dress that looks like the tail of a betta fish,” she said. “I’m like a fencing sword - it’s thin, but it never breaks - I’ll persevere and never break. As for the betta fish, it’s a species that lives beautifully on its own. It represents my desire to flourish as a solo singer.”

The five-track EP, which was released on Monday evening, comes six months after her chart-topping last single “Gotta Go.” From her first solo track, “Why Don’t You Know” (2017), to “Roller Coaster” (2018) and “Love U” (2018), Chungha has successfully made herself one of the most popular solo artists in K-pop, and has become known for both her singing and dancing skills.

For Chungha, “Flourishing” was a chance to take herself to another level of maturity, trying some things she had never done before, such as composing the music and writing the lyrics for the title track “Flourishing.”

“The song actually works like an introduction to the rest of the album,” she said.

“I sang it all in English because I wanted to communicate better with my fans abroad. It has the message that I’m telling everyone, ‘I have grown and I will keep on growing.’ It’s about telling everyone that I’ll be confident and not afraid of everything that I’m doing.”

The lead track, “Snapping,” also shows a side of the singer that she had not shown before. While “Roller Coaster” and “Love U” tend to show the lovely, flirty side of Chungha, the singer transitions into a powerful street dancer in “Snapping.”

“I want to be a singer who people look at with a question in mind,” she said.

“So when people look at me, they will always wonder, ‘Wow, what is she going to do next?’ or ‘What side of her is she going to show this time?’ I also hope that I will be able to release different types of music in the future.”

She added, “I’m grateful to be remembered in any way by people, although it would be nice to be remembered [for something nice]. But I will keep on trying and growing, and I hope to be an artist that makes the fans feel like they’re growing up with me.”


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