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My Name is Kim Bok-dong (12)
Documentary/ 101/ Korean/ Aug. 8

Kim Bok-dong, a victim of the comfort women system under Japanese colonialism (1910-1945), fought for 27 years to get an apology from the Japanese government.

The film probes into how Kim felt when she talks about her experiences and how Kim calmly, but persistently, spoke out against the Japanese government.

Kim always emphasized that her activities was for future generations, so that they would never have to face or experience the pain that she went through.

Kim was a feminist who began speaking out in 1992 and continued to do so until she died in January 2019.
The film is narrated by actor Han Ji-min.

Bring the Soul: The Movie (All)
Documentary/ 103/ Korean/ Aug. 7

With stops in Korea, North America and Europe, K-pop stars BTS spent the spring touring the world, wrapping up with a show in Paris in June. This film follows the group as they perform in large stadiums in front of crowds they could have only dreamed of.

The day after their tour finishes, the group meets up at a small rooftop restaurant, reflects on the tour and congratulates themselves for their success.

The documentary covers the septet’s lives on tour and behind-the-stage moments for fans wanting to see more.

The Battle: Roar to Victory (15)
Action, Drama/ 135/ Korean/ Aug. 7

There’s only one mission for the Korean Independence Army after the Independence movement begins on March 1, 1919: bring Japanese soldiers out to the so-called valley of death, or “Bongo-dong.”

Although they lack both numbers and the latest weapons, the army still believes in the shimmer of hope that they might be able to win in the battle against Japanese forces in Manchuria, China, if they use the land to their advantage.

Over a four-day period, a fierce battle takes place between Korean independence militias and Japanese soldiers. The militia includes Hwang Hae-Cheol, a master swordsman, and Lee Jang-Ha, an expert marksman.

The film is based on the Bongo-dong battle in June 1920, which was the first recorded victory by the Independent Army.

The cast includes actor Yoo Hai-jin as Hwang and Ryu Jun-yeol as Lee. Japanese actor Kazuki Kitamura plays the fearsome leader of the Japanese forces determined to defeat the Independent Army.


Exit (12)
Action, Comedy/ 103/ Korean/ July 31

Yong-nam may have been a popular member of the alpine club in his college years, but now he remains in exile from his friends and his family as a jobless failure. For years he has been unsuccessful at getting employed and believes that his life is a disaster.

At his mother’s 70th birthday party, he meets his longtime crush Ui-ju at the banquet hall where she is employed. After brief moment of awkwardness, a mysterious fog suddenly creeps into the city and, in the blink of an eye, envelops everything.

However, the fog turns out to be poisonous gas that leaves people unable to breathe.

Although Yong-nam and Ui-ju manage to get his family to safety, they are left to survive on their own.

Yong-nam and Ui-ju muster up all the skills they learned from their college club to escape the building and get to safety.

Actors Cho Jung-seok and Lim Yoon-a star as Yong-nam and Ui-ju. Cho has appeared in several dramas, most recently “Nokdu Flower” (2019) on SBS. Lim is a singer-turned-actor who briefly appeared in “Confidential Assignment” (2016).


Red Shoes (All)
Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance / 92 / Korean / July 25

While Princess Snow White secretly searches for clues about her missing father, she comes across a pair of exquisite red shoes and takes them with her.

The shoes turn out to have magical powers and make whoever is wearing them look young and beautiful, which explains why her evil stepmother Queen Regina was frantically searching for them. When Regina finds out that Snow is in possession of the shoes, she declares a bounty for her capture.

After running away, Snow meets seven dwarfs who call themselves “The Fearless Seven,” a group of seven princes who were cursed into dwarf forms after they mistook an enchantress for a witch. In order to break their curse, each of them must receive a true love’s kiss. When a beautiful girl wearing red shoes crashes their place, they hope that she is the one who can break their curse.v
The lead roles of Princess Snow White and Merlin are voiced by Chloe Moretz and Sam Claflin. The film is loosely based on “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” along with a handful of other popular Western fairy tales.

The Divine Fury (15)
Mystery, Action, Fantasy, Horror/ 129/ Korean/ July 31

Yong-hoo is a UFC champion with a bitter past. His father was a cop who died during one of his shifts. Although the young Yong-hoo prayed desperately for his father to survive, he eventually died. After the traumatic incident, Yong-hoo grows up to resent God and religion.

But one day, out of nowhere, a wound suddenly appears on his hands. He starts having nightmares that leave him waking up covered in sweat. Unable to sleep and his wound showing no signs of healing, he visits a hospital, but to no avail. Getting desperate, he seeks advice from his manager and visits an exorcist, priest Ahn, for the first time.

His encounters with Ahn leave Yong-hoo more curious about what the priest does, and he starts to assist Ahn in his work to expel evil spirits. But the two discover that there is a bigger evil lurking around the corner, waiting for them to find it…

Actors Park Seo-jun and Ahn Sung-ki play the lead roles, while Woo Do-hwan makes his film debut as the ultimate evil spirit “The Black Bishop.”

The Secret Life of Pets 2(All)
Animation, Adventure, Comedy/ 85/ English/ July 31

Sometime after their first adventure, another big change happens in Max and Duke’s lives: their owner Katie marries a guy named Chuck and moves in together, along with his son Liam.

Although Max disapproves of the new additions at first, he eventually lets his guard down and grows attached to Liam.

The family goes on a road trip to a farm, and the pets have a whole new series of adventures with the farm animals they meet.

Meanwhile, back in the neighborhood, Gidget takes lessons from Chloe on how to be a cat in order to retrieve back Max’s favorite toy, Busy Bee, from the cat-infested apartment owned by a cat lady.

Can a dog learn how to be a cat, deceive a house full of sensitive cats and save the day?


The King’s Letters (All)
Drama / 110 / Korean / July 24

King Sejong has been attempting for years to create a Korean alphabet based on phonograms so the language can easily be taught to his people.

His goal is to create a nation that can rival China by having every single one of his people know how to read and write through a uniform letter system. However, in a conservative country that upholds tradition, loyalty and honor, the king knows that his loyal subjects will only scoff and jeer at the idea, so he is alone in his secret project.

Realizing that King Sejong cannot do it alone, Queen Soheon enlists the help of monk Shin-mi, who is known to have mastered languages rooted in Sanskrit.

Although the two have their differences, the stubborn monk sees that the king was sincere in his intentions and starts to live at the palace with his pupils in secret to develop Joseon’s (1392-1910) first set of national alphabets.

The historical fiction story is taken from one of many theories behind hangul’s creation. The theory the film is based on says that the king had a hidden helper when he created the Hunminjeongeum, the initial name of hangul, the national letter system.
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