Kkotja to press charges for slander

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Kkotja to press charges for slander

YouTuber Kkotja admitted that she took part in prostitution in the past, but revealed that she is pressing charges against the YouTuber Jung Bae-woo for the false information he uploaded on his channel on Thursday evening.

The wildfire first arose when Jung uploaded a video on his channel Jung Tube on Wednesday titled “Kkotja’s past in illegal sex trafficking: an overview of four years of illegal activities.” Jung claimed that there is evidence online that Kkotja had been involved in illegal activities from 2014 to 2017.

Although Kkotja denied the accusation at first, she later admitted that she was involved in prostitution until she started livestreaming in 2016.

“[Although what Jung reported was partially true] he sexually humiliated me,” she said in a livestream on YouTube on Thursday. “I have not once gone back [to prostitution] after I [started livestreaming]. I will be pressing charges against Jung for spreading false information.”

She added that she hid her past because she was ashamed and didn’t want to admit it to her friends and family. She apologized to her fans and subscribers for lying and announced that she won’t be broadcasting anymore. “I don’t want to earn money through broadcasting when there will be tons of bad rumors trailing me,” she said.

Kkotja became famous on livestreaming platform Afreeca TV for her straightforwardness and honesty and now has over 490,000 subscribers on YouTube subscribers.

She openly talks about being transgender and often shares her experiences about having sex reassignment and plastic surgeries. She also does mukbang and unboxing livestreams and shares videos of her travels.

By Lee Jae-lim
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