[Sponsored Report] Woongjin Coway cleans your clothes and the air

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[Sponsored Report] Woongjin Coway cleans your clothes and the air


Coway’s Double Care is not only capable of cleaning and drying clothes, but also has air purifying and dehumidifying functions to ensure that you only need one appliance for all your household hygiene needs. [WOONGJIN COWAY]

There’s no better feeling than going home after a long day and changing into some comfortable clothes. As home cleaning systems become more common, people can now hang the clothes they’ve worn all day straight in the closet-like device to remove any odors and fine dust, ready for tomorrow.

Environmental issues such as fine dust along with efforts to increase people’s quality of life are boosting sales of home cleaning systems.

As the popularity of the machines, which allow users to hang clothes in a closet-like space to be steamed and cleaned, grows, major electronics companies like Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have released their own versions. Woongjin Coway, a Korean corporation that rents out high-end electronics, has its own take on the popular product.

Woongjin Coway’s products stand out from existing home cleaning systems in that they have added unique air purification features and mirrors to capture the attention of consumers.

Introduced in May, Double Care, a home cleaning system from Woongjin Coway, is capable of cleaning and drying clothes management, air purification and even dehumidifying the room. Consumers will be able to save money as they only need to rent out this one space-efficient appliance.

On days when fine dust levels are high, the clothes that people wear carry dust indoors. Woongjin Coway’s Double Care can remove dust to ensure it doesn’t get into the air at home. It is even able to remove wrinkles from garments and eradicate food odors.

Using a three-way power blowing system, Double Care blows dust and dirt off of clothes and then uses its nano mist sterilization system to clean them and remove odors. The air dry system allows clothes to quickly dry at low temperatures without any risk of damaging delicate fabrics.

Double Care really excels when it comes to wrinkle-free technology. While many home cleaning systems have a clip-on hanger where pants can be attached, the Woongjin Coway device also has dual “doors,” which act as flaps to hold pants in place and ensure a smooth, wrinkle-free clean.

During rainy seasons when humidity is at its peak, the Double Care dryer feature comes in handy, especially for daily items such as school uniforms, sportswear and T-shirts.

Users simply need to hang their wet clothes in their Double Care and select the drying program. The low temperature dehumidifier dryer will take care of everything without much noise. Since Double Care dries clothes while they’re hanging, rather than by spinning them like a regular dryer, it minimizes noise and removes the chance of losing or breaking buttons.

The fine dust problem is increasingly becoming a year-round nuisance. Double Care offers a complete solution to the problem, as it has an air purifying system and dehumidifying system built into the appliance.

The air purification system comes with a pre-filter, customized filter, deodorization filter and HEPA filter, which provides a fresh environment at all times. Dehumidifying capacity is up to 7 liters (1.85 gallons) per day, which ensures stable room humidity and removes the risk of mold.

The best part about renting a home cleaning system from Woongjin Coway is that the appliance will continue to be maintained by a professional that manages any hygiene issue. The expert will come every four months or so to change the filters and ensure the product is in prime condition.

Based on great consumer reviews and its unique features, about 3,000 Double Cares are newly rented out every single month, making it one of the best Woongjin Coway products.

“It not only takes care of clothes, but also the air condition of the room, which makes it so beloved by consumers,” said an official from Woongjin Coway.

BY KIM SEUNG-JUN [kim.seungjun@joongang.co.kr]
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