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Really a victim?

Justice Minister Cho Kuk’s wife Chung Kyung-sim took to Facebook to complain about her son having had to undergo questioning by prosecutors. Instead of sympathizing with her sharing that her “heart was in the throes of shedding blood and tears,” many were disheartened by her lack of remorse for causing so much distress and her lack of respect for others.

Politics have come to a full stop for nearly two months because of the wrangling over the Cho family scandal. Chung is accused of having pulled strings to make her daughter be named the first author of a medical research paper and to have been behind a fake award from the university she worked at to polish up her daughter’s credentials. She has not once apologized to the public.

She claimed that her “genteel and kind” son may have had his pride hurt while enduring questioning from prosecutors. “The day my son was summoned to the prosecution was my daughter’s birthday. We could not even have a decent family meal,” she wrote.

She felt like “a mouse in a trap” upon hearing that his son had wept in “humiliation and agony” during questioning.

After she cooked up her children’s credentials, others may have missed their chance to enter the university of their wishes or receive much-needed scholarships.

Sharing her sentiments on social media only suggests that she is trying to trigger anger among supporters of her husband. Her profile photo on Facebook is a picture of a statue of a woman standing against heavy wind.

Liberal pundit Rhyu Si-min, head of the Roh Moo-hyun Foundation, defended the Cho family on his YouTube channel. He argued that the Cho family had replaced their home computers’ hard drives before the prosecution raid “in order to protect” and not “destroy” evidence.
Can a sane public figure with such influence really make such an accusation against the prosecution?

Rhyu went on to demand the prosecution take responsibility if the arrest warrants are denied — and stop the investigation now. “The court has sent so many innocent people to jail and the judges still sit on the benches,” he sneered.

Why so many people have to lose their better senses over one man and why so many have to put up with all the nonsense is outrageous.

JoongAng Ilbo, Sept. 26, Page 34
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