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Birds of Prey (15)
Action Crime / 108 mins. / English / Feb. 5

The hottest gossip in Gotham City is that Joker and Harley Quinn have officially broken up. Harley makes their breakup known to the rest of the city when she destroys Ace Chemicals, where she made her vow to live for Joker.

Harley soon finds out that she has made a lot of enemies while with Joker, and all of them are determined to get her alone.

One of those enemies is Roman Sionis, a nightclub owner/ gangster boss known as Black Mask, who is full of narcissism and has a habit of slicing off the skin of his victims’ faces.

Harley manages to strike a deal with him to let her go if she finds the diamond that belonged to the Bertinelli mafia family by midnight. The diamond is encrypted with a code that will lead to a fortune.

While on her adventure, Harley meets up with other vigilantes in town. She likes having them around, but she still has to deliver the diamond to Sionis if she wants to live.

Margot Robbie returns to her role as Harley Quinn. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the Huntress, Jurnee Smollett-Bell plays Black Canary, Rosie Perez plays Renee Montoya and Ella Jay Basco is Cassandra Cain. The film tells the origin story of the female superhero team “Birds of Prey.”

The Closet (15)
Mystery, Drama / 98 mins. / Korean / Feb. 5

Sang-won is a widower and an uncertain father who doesn’t know how to be around his only daughter, Ina. Concerned about her health, the two move into a secluded house outside the city.

Busy with his own work, Sang-won neglects Ina and the two seem to grow further apart.

One day, however, Ina begins to smile and tells him that she’s made a new friend. Sang-won, on the other hand, begins to hear children’s laughs within the walls and strange things begin to happen around the house.

On one rainy night, Ina disappears within the home.

After a fruitless month without police making headway into the case, Sang-won is finally desperate enough to ask for help from Kyung-hoon, who calls himself an exorcist and insists that Ina is not the first to disappear - there is an evil lurking behind the closet doors.

Actors Ha Jung-woo and Kim Nam-gil portray Sang-won and Kyung-hoon.


The Land of Seonghye (12)
Drama / 118 mins. / Korean / Jan. 30

Twenty-nine-year-old Seong-hye is still unemployed and lives in a half-underground basement. Although she has experience interning at a large corporate, she was encouraged to quit after her boss sexually harassed her.

Now she’s living a life full of part-time jobs, such as newspaper delivery and working as a cashier in convenience stores. Her boyfriend, Seung-hwan, who is busy preparing for a civil service exam, doesn’t offer the support that she needs, and Seong-hye fails every job interview she applies for.

She lives numbly, without any passion or happiness for life, when disaster strikes once more - but before she can crumble, she is faced with the life-altering opportunity of obtaining 500 million won ($424,000).

Through the relationships that Seong-hye has and forms, the film tends to shed light on several social issues that young people in their 20s in Korea are likely to sympathize with.

Hitman: Agent Jun (15)
Comedy, Action / 110 mins. / Korean / Jan. 22

Agent Jun of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) is sure to be one of a kind: he quit his job to pursue his passion in comics.

But the reality is that he only receives bad reviews and comments on each web comic series he draws.

Disappointed, he one day gets very drunk and draws NIS’s top confidential knowledge in one of his web comics and it gets published to all of his readers.

To make matters worse, that comic series becomes a viral hit online and the agency’s top secret is accessible to everyone who reads it. Although he becomes a hit artist overnight, he also becomes a double target from his former workplace and a terrorist organization that NIS is trying to catch.

Now, Jun must awaken his senses from his hit man days and do everything he can to survive.


Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP (15)
Comedy, Drama / 113 mins. / Korean / Jan. 22

NIS agent Zoo Tae-joo is an elite member of his team and is on the brink of being promoted.

However, when a very important mission to guard the VIP (Very Important Panda) that China sent to Korea fails, he is stripped of his badge and is ordered to stay off the case.

On the day that the panda is kidnapped, Zoo gets in a car accident that suddenly bestows him with the ability to talk to and understand animals. Although he used to despise animals, Zoo slowly learns to cooperate with his animal friends to find the missing panda before diplomatic relations with China go sour.

Lee Sung-min plays the top NIS agent Zoo Tae-joo, and the animals in the film are voiced by actors Shin Ha-kyun, Yoo In-na, Park Jun-hyung, Lee Jung-eun, Lee Sun-kyun and Lee Sun-jae.

Bad Boys for Life (19)
Action / 124 mins. / English / Jan. 15

The once-inseparable duo of Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) now have different views on how to spend the rest of their life - while Marcus wants to go off the grid and end his crime-fighting days to spending more time with his family, Mike is still as passionate as ever and wants to continue his work.

Meanwhile, Mike is assigned by his boss to lead a rookie cop team called AMMO, which he refers to Marcus as a “high school musical boy band with guns.”

Just as the duo are about to officially retire, Mike’s life is threatened by a cartel mob boss whom they defeated years before. Marcus joins Mike for the one last time to help his best friend fight crime.

The film is the third installment in the “Bad Boys” trilogy.


Montmartre de Papa (All)
Documentary / 83 mins. / Korean / Jan. 9

“I have a plan.”

This is what director Min Byung-woo’s father would say when he was asked how he was going to spend the rest of his life after retirement.

After 34 years as an art teacher at a private middle school, Min Hyung-sik’s next step was in Montmartre, Paris, where he wants to become a street artist and draw as freely as his heart desires.

Director Min decided to record his father’s journey starting from his last day at school and witness how his father fulfills his lifelong dream.
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