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And Your Bird Can Sing (15)
Romance, Fantasy / 106 mins. / Japanese / April 16

During a peaceful summer, an unnamed young man misses his shift at a bookstore. After being chided by his boss, he works his hours and plans a date with his co-worker Sachiko. However, he oversleeps and instead drinks the night away with his unemployed roommate Shizuo.

Instead of never seeing him again, Sachiko gives him one more chance and they become friends with benefits. When Shizuo enters the picture, the three hipsters enjoy a love triangle at various clubs, bars and in their apartment.

However, as their carefree friendship develops into real feelings, their relationship reaches the brink of collapse.

The film is adapted from Yasushi Sato’s 1982 novel “The Light Shines Only There.”

Search Out (15)
Thriller / 92 mins. / Korean / April 15

Joon-hyuk is a popular influencer on Instagram but remains anonymous.

In reality, he is unemployed and living in a gosiwon - a very small room rented out cheaply to students preparing for exams. Only his neighbor Sung-min knows about his secret identity as an influencer.

One day, Joon-hyuk gets a message from a girl living downstairs but ignores it fearing that she might discover him.

When the girl turns up dead in her room several days later, Joon-hyuk feels guilty. However, when someone messages him through the girl’s account, he is convinced that her death was no suicide. When the police don’t believe him, he and Sung-min look for more clues to catch the murderer, along with the help of a skillful hacker, Noo-ri.

The film is based on the real online suicide game “Blue Whale Challenge” which is estimated to have taken more than one hundred lives of teenagers in Russia, Brazil, China, the United States and more. The victims were given 50 missions to complete in 50 days with hashtags #BlueWhaleChallenge with the ultimate goal of taking their own lives.

Justice High (15)
Action, Comedy / 112 mins. / Korean / April 9

While Jong-gu, a weak but honest student, is being bullied by his peers, a girl appears out of nowhere and beats them up.

Awestruck by her skills, Jong-gu asks the girl, Chae-young, for the secret of her fighting skills and learns that she’s been learning karate from her father who runs a karate studio.

Hye-sung, a school bully, is tired of being mean to other kids and wants to learn how to fight for the greater good.

The three friends grow close while learning from Chae-young’s father, but when Chae-young is kidnapped by a pack of bullies, they must figure out a way out to get her back.

Daniel Isn’t Real (19)
Thriller / 100 mins. / English / April 9

After witnessing gruesome images of victims’ bodies after a gun murder when he was a child, Luke suffers from trauma, and to protect himself he creates an imaginary friend named Daniel.

However, when Luke nearly kills his mother following Daniel’s instructions, he tries to get rid of Daniel through locking him up in a doll house.

Years later, Luke is struggling through college life and thinks of his former friend. Out of curiosity he unlocks the house and unleashes Daniel into his life. Daniel has grown up to be an attractive young man, but he can only be seen by Luke.

At first, the two seemed to have put their dark past behind them, and Daniel helps to improve Luke’s life in a number of ways. But Daniel begins to take control of Luke, and by the time Luke realizes this, it may be too late.
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