[SPONSORED REPORTS] Lotte Group is ready for the IT-led post-Covid era

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[SPONSORED REPORTS] Lotte Group is ready for the IT-led post-Covid era

 ’L-RecruiTV,“ Lotte’s official YouTube channel, recently uploaded clips offering information about working at the company. [LOTTE]

’L-RecruiTV,“ Lotte’s official YouTube channel, recently uploaded clips offering information about working at the company. [LOTTE]

Lotte Group is actively preparing for the post-coronavirus era.

As Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dong-bin has emphasized the importance of digital transformation, Lotte will continuously gather information about cutting-edge technology in the industry and focus on encouraging digital transformation in its subsidiaries.

The company hopes to deal with the fast changing global environment after the virus outbreak and become one of the key players in the new era.

To expedite the process of digital transformation, Lotte is making efforts to recruit excellent personnel who specialize in digital transformation and information technology. The company’s official YouTube channel “L-RecruiTV” will play a key role in searching for the right people who could really meet its needs.

On June 30, a video clip “Living in the Lotte Valley” was posted to encourage jobseekers to apply for Lotte Group. In the video, employees working in the fields of digital transformation and IT shared information about the company’s working environment and culture. They also offered tips for potential jobseekers who are looking for a job opportunity in Lotte.

The channel plans to upload other videos in the near future to describe what it is like working in other areas in the company. Videos from YouTube can also be shared on recruitment websites, online communities and university websites.

In addition, Lotte started its regular annual recruitment process starting in May and plans to host various contests that could help the company find experts in the fields of data and information technology. Later this year, it will host a “hackathon” and “digital transformation contest,” and the winners will be offered benefits when they apply for a position.

Lotte’s subsidiaries, in the hope of becoming game-changers in the upcoming era, are also implementing state-of-the-art technology.

Korea Seven, a joint venture by Lotte and 7-Eleven, recently opened a “signature dual data revolution” store in Seoul on July 1. This is a part of a Signature 3.0 model in which many of Lotte’s subsidiaries participated.

Lotte’s cutting-edge technology in terms of security and safety control along with IT capabilities were utilized to make the store run automatically. Its double gate allows access only if a customer goes through an identification process, and “electronic cell” collects big data related to consumers.

The company believes that this new innovative store increases overall efficiency and could be a great alternative in the new “untact” era. Untact is a portmanteau of the prefix “un” and contact, meaning “no contact.”

Lotte Mart, under the value of fast delivery, introduced digital fulfillment stores in April. Using the latest technology, the company delivers products to customers living within a 5-kilometer (3-mile) radius in just an hour.

Lotte Mart’s Junggye and Gwanggyo branches are providing a digitized experience using innovative technology such as smart carts, unmanned kiosks and self-driving delivery robots.

Lotte Duty Free has also opened a smart store with innovative digital technology.

To minimize face-to-face contact, this smart store uses QR codes. Customers, using their smartphones, scan the QR code installed at the entrance which automatically allows access to a mobile cart.

When the customers find a product that they want to purchase, they can simply scan the barcode. It will allow them to identify basic information and add the product to their mobile cart. After that, they can simply show their QR code to the cashier to pay.

Lotte Duty Free plans to increase the number of these smart stores in the near future.

Lotte Data Communication is working on commercializing autonomous driving in Sejong City. On June 26, the company hosted a commemorative event which celebrates the introduction of its autonomous driving service.

Lotte Global Logistics is currently building a mega-hub logistics terminal in Jincheon, North Chungcheong. This terminal will become an important base for Lotte’s e-commerce businesses.

By Park Ji-hoon [park.jihoon@joongang.co.kr]
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