[National Treasure] Painting of Amitabha Buddha Triad

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[National Treasure] Painting of Amitabha Buddha Triad

Name: Painting of Amitabha Buddha Triad
Period: Goryeo (918-1392)
Location: Yongsan District, central Seoul
Status: National Treasure No. 218
Amita samjondo usually means Painting of Amitabha Buddha Triad that contains the standing image of Amita Buddha (infinite light) with attendants, Bodhisattvas Merciful Goddess and Seji standing below on both sides.  
However, this picture takes a different form. The Bodhisattva Seji was replaced by Jijang, a peaceful roadside god of little children. The coming down of Amitabha in this picture can be interpreted in two different ways; one is to welcome the spirit of his believer to the Nirvana, and the other is to approve the reborn soul to be a Buddha in the future.  
The Amitabha is sending his beam of light down to the reborn soul, with Jijang Bodhisattva standing with a single bead in his right hand, while Bodhisattva Gwaneum is making a bow presenting lotus-pod-seat to the Amitabha. The matter of replacing the assistant Bodhisattva, the different postures they take, and their colorful appearance sparkling with gold make this picture quite a rare one representing the late Goryeo Period (918-1392).  
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