Coway puts emphasis on innovation for upcoming year

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Coway puts emphasis on innovation for upcoming year

With customer-centered service and innovative products that will lead the global market, Coway suggests a smart life solution that fits the concept of CES 2022 — “We innovate for your better life.”  
Lee Hae-sun, the CEO of Coway, speaks about the company's ambitions for 2022. [COWAY]

Lee Hae-sun, the CEO of Coway, speaks about the company's ambitions for 2022. [COWAY]

On the occasion of CES 2022, which is the most influential tech event in the world, the Korea JoongAng Daily conducted an email interview with Lee Hae-sun, the CEO of Coway.  
Below are edited excerpts of the interview.
Please tell us about the products that were unveiled at CES 2022.
We aimed to show our competitiveness by unveiling “Smart Care Air Mattress” for the first time while also introducing “Noble Collection,” “Coway Airmega,” and “Air Cartridge(AP-1019C).” Smart Care Air Mattress is one of the most prominent products being unveiled at CES, as the sleep aids market is growing rapidly nowadays. Durable air cells automatically customize the hardness of the mattress by sensing pressure changes. We expect to see a shift of power in the mattress industry with smart care air mattresses taking the lead.  
Coway unveils its innovative Smart Care Air Mattress during CES 2022. [COWAY]

Coway unveils its innovative Smart Care Air Mattress during CES 2022. [COWAY]

It seems that the company has recently been particularly focused on the Noble Collection. How do you come up with your next lineup?
The Noble Collection is Coway’s premium brand category equipped with sensual design and innovative technology. Starting with the Noble Water Purifier, we secure major products such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers and induction heaters in the Noble Collection. We are planning to expand the Noble brand of Coway by consistently releasing brand-new aesthetic products —combined with cutting-edge technology — that fit everywhere.  
Coway shows various outstanding technologies that push ahead with innovation. What is the main focus and philosophy of the company’s innovation?  
Coway puts great emphasis on customer value and focuses on improving customers’ quality of life by providing innovative products with a differentiated service. Along with the Smart Care Air Mattress, “smart filter sensing” equipped with Noble water purifiers greatly improve convenience because it informs customers of the timing of filter replacement and automatically cleans the filter. The customer satisfaction of the AR catalog is also remarkable. By utilizing AR catalog technology, customers can position the product they want and check it fits well in their space through a smartphone application.  
In the field of rental products, there is a challenge for enhancing customer experiences regarding care service. What is your strategy for offering a valuable customer experience?  
We will keep strengthening the customer experience by developing user-friendly products operated on a self-service basis. We also aim to raise customer value by adopting AI services. New water purifiers, air purifiers and bidets with AI and the Internet of Things will solve customers’ curiosity in advance by showing usage patterns, consumable availability and changing times. Furthermore, the devices can diagnose their conditions by themselves and let customers know if there are any problems. It ultimately helps save their time as it offers solutions and after-sales services.
Could you please share with us the vision and goal of the Coway for this year?  
In 2021, Coway was renewed as “New Coway” through innovation of products, services and organizational culture. Compared to 2021, we are planning to complete the innovation of our designs, products and services. We also aim to make an effort to expand the overseas market for future growth. We hope to see “K-Rental” as the next big thing to inspire the world, following the K-Pop, K-Beauty and K-Food trends. In conclusion, we aim for our products to be user-friendly and commonly used worldwide. 

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